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Mitchell Royél Comes Clean About Virginity, Announces Vanity Issue

Mitchell Royél

According to the a study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, younger millennials (born in the 1990s) are more than twice as likely to be sexually active in their early 20’s than Gen X’ers were.  On June 5th, Mitchell Royél (born Mitchell Carlisle Abbott) revealed to his supporters that for spiritual reasons, he has chosen to abstain from sex and is still a virgin. Royél also urged his sexuality active supporters to use protection in the event that they decide to engage in sex.

“I’ve got pure heart and a dirty mind. I’m saving it. Call me superstitious, but I believe sexual intercourse is an energetic exchange. I value the authentic essence of my soul and honestly, don’t want it modified. Recently, I dated someone who cut me off romantically after I revealed to them that at 26, I was a virgin. They couldn’t understand how someone of my stature hadn’t given into temptation. We’re still friends, but for awhile after I got dumped, I felt disempowered, somewhat ashamed and unlovable. For the first time in my life, my innocence was making me feel like less of a man. But then, like a ton of bricks it hit me. It’s not that I’m necessarily committed to remaining a virgin.

What I’m actually standing for, is authentic, unconditional love with the right person. Too often the word promiscuous is interpreted as being synonymous with sex appeal. Now forward, I want to positively impact the perception of playing it safe. Keep protection with you anytime there’s a chance of sex. Don’t drop protection because he/she says it feels better. Practice using positive language. For example: “I want to talk about this because I care deeply about my mind, body and soul.” Work together to get the protection you both need. Anyways, back to business. Proud to announce that the #VANITYISSUE of @theelixirbyroyel will be released in MAY!”

The next issue of Elixir by Royél, which will be themed around Vanity, will be released next month at elixirbyroyel.com.


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