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Why The X Factor is Ruining Men’s Fashion

It’s routinely the most watched show in the country, attracting millions of viewers every weekend and has created dozens of household names during its eight-year run on our television screens. The X Factor can be described as nothing less than a cultural phenomenon, but for all its successes, the show has routinely done a disservice to gent’s style over the years. Here are three big reasons why the X Factor is ruining men’s fashion one boy band at a time.

Changing Contestant’s Style

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If you’ve ever watched the episode the show runs every year when the judges select their acts for the live shows in what has come to be an annual tear-fest, you will have noticed that each of the contestants will receive a makeover before they move on to the main competition. In odd cases, the X Factor stylists have improved upon a singer’s dress sense, more often than not, they destroy people’s personal style. Take 2010 winner Matt Cardle for example; the singer-songwriter had a unique and interesting style based on 90’s grunge fashion with a contemporary take. After he progressed to the live shows, the X Factor stylists proceeded to take remove any originality or personality from Cardle’s dress sense and stuck him in boring jumpers or plain shirts. Sometimes, the contestant might actually know best.

Lack of Originality

The fact of the matter is, people will take what contestants wear on the X Factor and use it to govern their own style. What this means is that the X Factor has a large influence over what the general public wears and how they think about fashion. Yeah after year, the X Factor dress their contestants the same way, boy bands like JLS and One Direction are kitted out in recycled chinos and desert scarves whilst the older contestants are given the same corny blazer and trouser combinations in some sort of feeble attempt to make them appeal to mothers and grandmothers. The fact that the X Factor doesn’t innovate with its contestant’s wardrobe choices means there is a large part of the population who are dressing in redundant clothing styles.

Not Inspiring the Older Generation

In all fairness, most of the judges and hosts of the X Factor cannot be faulted for their style. Dermot O’Leary will turn out each week in a stylish, well cut suit and Gary Barlow has sported some great looks, including his regular demonstrations on the perfect way to wear a waistcoat. The problem is Louis Walsh and how the programme’s wardrobe department style him. Walsh is 60, but this is no excuse for poor style choices. Instead of setting an example for his generation that you’re never too old to care about your dress sense, Louis is usually clothed in boring, ill-fitting suit jackets and often has his hair gelled in a manner that would look ridiculous on most teenagers 45 years his junior. If Louis dressed his age, whilst staying on trend, he may inspire more men his age to regain their interest in fashion.

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