5 Relationship Phases That All Couples Go Through

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5 Relationship Phases That All Couples Go Through

We are familiar with the fact that one experience of love is never the same. There are different phases in a relationship (parforholdets faser) which will bring really different experiences in life.

Its fact that human naturally intends to the love but not with just anyone, but fall in love with the most incompatible person in the world.

Have you ever met a couple who decided to live together forever, but ended up breaking up a few years later? You may hear that they went wrong in one of these stages.

Life have many phases and relationship is a one important phase of life, which itself have several phases, following are the five common phases of the relationships (parforholdets faser).

The honeymoon phase

Relationship Phases

At early stage of a good relationship, everything seems perfect. Both partners are agreeing to each other and feel good to love together. In this stage you feel good and live happy because of having someone in life who understands you and you feel like he is your soul mate.

We may call this honeymoon phase, where every new couple starts new life with new commitments. You are happy with your partner in this phase. May be this is best part of your relationship phases (parforholdets faser).

The intimacy phase

After 3 to 4 months of starting relationship, couple starts feeling more comfortable with each other. They are so frank and even a person doesn’t feel hesitation to fart in front of partner at this stage of relationship. Yes it’s funny but true.

The commitment phase

In this stage they are more committed to each other and according to the studies, 45% of people get engaged in a year and get joint bank accounts and properties. They introduce each other to their families. Also at this phase, they know each other’s exes, likes and dislikes and secrets, , and plan to live together forever. In this stage if all works well. They do not go to unfortunate phase, which is the last one.

The heartbreak phase

Relationship Phases

This phase is not good as research says that 67 percent people get bored from the partner and start dating someone new. Many have doubts on each other and unable to convince the partner.

Some fight on daily basis for small things, some are not happy with sexual relations and some are just get into new relationship with same time. This is unfortunate phase where happy relationships end up.

If you’re in a relationship for a while, you may have experienced all or most of these relationship phases (parforholdets faser). Don’t scare yourself from dark sides of the relationships, especially if you are young, try to find happiness in own relationship and avoid finding new one while having your love.



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