Wedding Traditions That are Worth Hanging on To

Wedding Traditions

Tradition is often an important element of weddings. All over the world, different groups and cultures, and even different families have their own traditions, many of which have been a crucial part of wedding ceremonies for hundreds of years. Elements are passed down through the generations. But not everything is meant to stick. More and more modern weddings are leaving tradition behind, with couples choosing to go their own way instead of following the symbolic traditions of their families or cultures.

Sometimes, we leave tradition behind out of necessity. For example, many couples today choose to pay for their own weddings, which can mean that they need to save money, and traditional elements that don’t mean much to them personally are the first things to go. On other occasions, it’s a conscious decision to do something different, and to create a day that suits them, instead of following an all too familiar pattern.

When it comes to our wedding days, we all have different priorities, and of course, the decision about what to keep and what to ditch can only be made by you and your partner. But here are some of the more traditional wedding essentials that you should consider keeping as a part of your day.

The Wedding Car

Wedding Traditions

A car to your wedding isn’t just a tradition; it’s essential unless you are marrying close to home, or to where you are getting ready. Sticking with this tradition, however, doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of ways to travel in style, keeping some tradition while also incorporating your personality and having some fun. Check out for some great options.

The Wedding Cake

Who doesn’t love a cake? Keep the tradition of having a special food to share with your friends and family, but consider adding some personal touches with modern designs, or avoid fruit cake in favour of a fudgy chocolate sponge.

The Speeches

The speeches are a lovely part of the day, and they give the people that love you a chance to share their best wishes. But that doesn’t mean that you need to stick to the father of the bride and best man. Inviting other family members to make toasts and speeches is a great way to involve the people that really matter to you in your day.

The First Dance

If you and your partner don’t like to be the centre of attention, the first dance might be a little awkward. But you might find that after a day spent mingling with guests, it’s nice to take these few minutes for just you and your partner.

Wedding Traditions

The Honeymoon

Weddings are fairly exhausting and having an exciting trip to look forward to can make the whole process easier. It also gives you and your partner a chance to settling into your marriage, without all of the stresses of day-to-day life. If you can’t take time out straight after the wedding, try to book at least a weekend, or some nice day trips as soon as you can.

When thinking about cutting traditions, you might worry about upsetting your family. Try not to, since your wedding is your special day, and you should be able to have whatever you want.


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