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5 Best Men’s Accessories For Men

A suit only looks good when it is donned with proper and appropriate accessories. It kind of looses it charm and sophistication if it not accessorized properly. Unlike your casuals, you just can’t wear it as you wish. There are certain rules that have got to be followed, in order to pull out a standout look.

5 Best Men’s Accessories For Men

Have a look at few of the accessories that are a must-have if you are wearing an executive suit.

  1. Pocket square

This is the first thing that is noticed in a man. A pocket square is a great accessory to pair with your suit and simply takes the look at the next level. It’s an indicative of your personality and can make or break your suit. Hence, carefully coordinate it with your tie, but their color and pattern should not be the same. It should compliment your shirt and suit. The match should be contrasting.

  1. Necktie

The tie is an obligation during winter, but it is optional during summer. The sleek and skinny type of the tie is the trendiest and the most recommended one for all the gentleman around. The key is to keep a contrast of dark and light color. If the shirt is light in color then keep the tie dark and vice-versa. Tie a proper knot as the jumbled knot will give the wrong impression.

  1. Wristwatch

The wristwatch is the symbol of elegance and sophistication of all the urban gentleman. Try to match the color of the dial of the watch with the color of your suit. A dress watch can give a simple, subtle and elegant update to your entire look. Never wear a casual, colorful watch with formals, it will destroy the entire appearance. Consider wearing a wrist piece crafted in stainless steel with your business attire, it will give an exceptionally gentle look.

  1. Cuff links and brooch

The cuff buttons for your shirts and brooch are other very important aspect of men’s fashion.     Make sure that the color matches or compliments your shirt or tie.

The accessories are the most underrated and probably the last thing that worries about. However, they are the first thing that is noticed when you are wearing a suit. Not only this, there are many other factors that play a vital role in pulling out a formal look. Undergarments are one such factor. It might sound weird, but the wrong style and fit of underwear can affect your look, even though they are not visible from outside. The various types of men’s underwear have different significance. Hence, you need to choose the right pair accordingly. Wear boxers and boxer briefs with formal wear. Carefully choose the size of the same as you surely don’t want to keep adjust your undies in front of everyone.

These small things might seem insignificant but have got their own importance. So, just stay true to your style and follow the basic formalities while dressing for an event. Try out various options and find out what works for you. You will attain perfection in no time.


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