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Comfort is the priority in Fashion


“I do love clothes, but sometimes I think I should pay more attention to what I am wearing. I just wear what’s more comfortable”. Kate Hudson

Everyone loves to shop the most stylish and trendy attires that are in fashion while they focus on so many things/aspects of the same apparel style. This is because what others can see are different aspects while what you see are completely different. Oh wow! That color shade just blends in with your skin. Oh! The texture is so smooth, you must feel like heaven in that. And so on..

There are so many factors, including style, fit, fashion quotient, versatility and many more that just seem to be in the limelight. However, it is comforting that deserves to be in the first position. Why so? Well, comfort is what lies beneath every piece, whether it is your White Oxford shirt or your men’s underwear. So practically, it works that way! I don’t say that the other factors don’t matter at all, but I stress upon the fact that comfort is the key.

Just so you know, comfort is not the one man army and comes with the collective effort of the features I mentioned above as well as a few more. Why not look at look at them one by one and figure it out for yourself.


The first thing that comes to the notice is the fit of the apparel. Whether it is a three piece suit or your underneath fashion, it is noticed first. I know you can’t notice the fit of the underwear just like that, but you do have moments for that too. You obviously don’t want to wear saggy and drooling suits in your board meeting or the one that doesn’t seem to wrap around you properly. In both the situations, it will be you who’ll feel the discomfort. So, whether you get it tailored or buy it as it is, make sure it fits you well. With the trend of slim fit around, men take it way too seriously and wear absurd fittings.

Fabric choices:

For your information, remember that not every fabric is made for every weather condition, personality or even the seasons. Being specific to these three categories is because the industry is changing very fast and has been working on the plethora of fabrics. So, you need to be very careful with the materials and their characteristics. For example, cotton, linen, khaki and more are the ones that are considered exemplary for the hot months for their own reasons. However, polyamide, cashmere, etc are the ones for the colder months.


While the above two are the functional aspects, the design seems to be the one that is more about looks. Simply put, there are times when something is gifted to you by your relative with a lot of love. However, you don’t seem to like it a lot because of the design. Will you wear it and still feel comfortable? A majority of men don’t feel very comfortable in pieces that are not visibly appealing to them. Hence, it also plays an essential role in adding to your comfort level.

There are chances that you might need to pay a little more when you want each of these aspects to be up to the mark. So, investing in the best pieces is what is sensible rather than stocking the junk that won’t last long, and even face wear and tear soon enough.


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