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Wardrobe Organization Tips

If you are sick of the clutter and utter, complete chaos around your closets and wardrobes then obviously a change will do you good. Nothing is worse than trying to dig up your favorite piece of clothing from underneath a pile of clothes. Once you lack the habit of putting things in order you will experience an increasingly chaotic house. Get organized and get motivated to change that. These simple organizing tips are meant to help you get things under control:


Wardrobe Organization Tips


Clearing it out

Take everything out of the wardrobe or closet and set it aside. You will begin sifting through it to separate what you need from what you don’t really need. This is a vital step since we gain and lose weight as the years go by and our tastes change as well. If you haven’t worn something in over a year you should consider donating it to a thrift store or charity instead. It is a better idea to rid yourself of clothes you need to lose weight for than to keep them around your wardrobe when they serve no purpose at all.



Having a clear understanding of the dimensions of your closet will help you pick boxes later on so you can keep things organized. This should be done so you can have an accurate assessment of the personal space you have in there. The key point here is using every available empty space so you can be as efficient as possible.



A very important part of proper storage of clothes are hangers – you should always pick the appropriate kind for different types of clothes. For example padded hangers are best used for delicate clothes, plastic hangers are used for button-down shirts and the strong wooden hangers are best used for heavy clothing such as suits and jackets. Forget about wire hangers as they don’t have the necessary strength to support your clothes. The plastic dry-cleaner bags are also a bad idea because they don’t let the fabric breathe.


Keeping it leveled

This mostly applies to clothes you wear often – they should be kept within easy reach so you can avoid dealing with sifting through clothes all the time. It is imperative to do this as you will find out its going to make your life easier and your closets and wardrobes much more effective.


Seasonal changes

These are something you really can’t avoid so consider this – when the winter season approaches you should store the summer clothes away by putting away in flat storage boxes or vacuum bags to conserves space. You can then put them in a closet somewhere out of the way so you can put the winter clothes in. Having a rotational system like that will save you the trouble of making a mess each time plus things will be more orderly and simple.

Jason V. shares his tips how to make your smooth W11 moving.

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