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5 Independent Clothing Brands for 2017

Clothing Brands

We are always searching for the latest trends and clothing to match our personal style. Style, music, society and culture are all traits that impact our style and more often than not, people want to set themselves aside from the crowd. Designer clothing brands and high street shops provide us with all of the basics and wardrobe items we could ever want or need, so why bother to shop for independent clothing brands?

Why you should shop independent:

Although high-street brands provide us with all of our wardrobe essentials, it often gets to the point where the streets are saturated with people wearing the same clothes, the same makeup and the same accessories. Independent brands are more niche and cater to the individual, which is great if you want to inject a little bit of something different into your wardrobe.

Over the past decade or so, independent brands have really taken off and musicians and celebrities have jumped onto the bandwagon. Brands like BOY London have seen a number of different celebrities sporting their clothing as their uniform of choice, and brands like hype have mustered up a cult following based on music, personal interest and culture.

Independent brands almost create a community based on similar interests, similar minds and similar lifestyles – you could almost say that independent brands bring the community closer together.

BOY London:

In the late 70s, BOY London was created and utilised as a uniform for their underground cult following, since then celebrities and “cool kids” alike have sported their distinctive yet subtle clothing choices. If you’re one who likes logos, then this brand is made for you. From their mens t shirts to leggings, the eagle logo is plastered across the clothing, giving a real look of teenage rebellion. The likes of Rihanna and Lady Gaga are some of the many celebrities that have fallen for the brand’s eccentric and edgy charm.

Criminal Damage:

This brand has been on a mission to add weight to the London streetwear scene since 1991. Over the past couple of years, Criminal Damage has soared through the popularity ranks as the need for more substance has been established. They have a wide collection of jackets, sweatshirts and tees cover the dark and sultry, to the bright and bold, making this a really versatile and in-demand brand. If you’re looking for that fresh London look that will have people stopping in the street, then definitely check this brand out!

Blvck Clothing:

This brand has been bringing society, politics and culture to the forefront of conversation after its creation in 2007. The success comes with the simplicity and prominence of the branding – their brightly coloured sweatshirts and contrastingly dark styles are definitely a head turner. The creators saw a gap in the streetwear market and decided to fill it, with their dark imagery political messages. If you’re looking to add substance to your wardrobe, then definitely check them out.


Minimalism has become one of the most popular and affluent styles over the passing years. It has entered our homes, and now it is entering our wardrobes. Folk clothing is a completely unique independent brand that is a step aside from streetwear into cool.

This brand completely sets itself aside with minimalistic tones and muted pieces. Their slow and steady growth is about to take off in 2017, as they introduce some fresher pieces into the mix.


This brand is a vessel for modern street fashion. Over the past year, the popularity of Off-White has blown up and is becoming one of the most sought-after styles, which bridges the gap between high street and streetwear fashion. If you’re looking to stand out from your friends, but not from the crowd, then this brand is the one for you. Off-White studies concepts of branding and youth culture, adding emotionally suggestive text for the embodiment of teenage angst.

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