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Obsessive Tattoo Addictions

Evidence of tattoos have been found as far back as the caveman days. This type of body decoration has been used in the past to display one’s rank, royalty or group affiliation. Adults get inked for numerous reasons today, but there are those who strive to cover large areas of their body and are considered to have obsessive tattoo addictions.

Display Beliefs And Accomplishments

Tattoos are a form of artistic expression showing a person’s accomplishments, life events or spiritual, political, environmental or other beliefs. It is also a way of remembering loved ones who have passed away. Others have certain symbols or phrases placed on their body for good luck, protection or sentimental value.

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Attention Seekers

Adults with this obsession are striving for attention or acceptance from others. Their life is otherwise routine and boring to themselves and others, but their tattoos make them the center of attention. They also feel a false sense of confidence and strength and, in a sense, are living through their tattoos.

Makes Social Events Less Difficult 

Displaying multiple artwork on the body prompts conversation at social events. This makes conversing with others less awkward and stressful. People who have difficulty initiating or participating in conversations with others find they have more to talk about when they have tattoos. New friendships or relationships are achieved by simply discussing various aspects of the person’s designs.


This method of self expression is also a way of rebelling against parents and society. It is a permanent message to others about certain personal subjects. Others get tattoos for the shock value of seeing the reaction of others upon seeing the content or number of designs completed.

Psychological Effects

There are men and women who enjoy a high sensation when taking drugs or caffeine. Adrenaline and endorphins are released during the inking process which also gives them that feeling. That euphoric feeling is experienced even after the session is over due to the acknowledgment of others.

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Just A Hobby

There are also people who obtain this body art and compare themselves to collectors who gather stamps, coins, figurines or other items. They strive to find unique, colorful designs that represent their personality in a physical manner.

Less Expensive Than Cosmetic Surgery

People who are not happy with their appearance often get cosmetic surgery done. Getting inked is another alternative to changing one’s appearance without going through the expense of a medical procedure or taking the time to recuperate.

Men and women with an excessive number of body art are often thought to have obsessive tattoo addictions. The reasons supporting their need to decorate themselves in such a manner various from person to person.

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