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Style in the Snow

After a warm holiday meal with friends and family and a season filled with events, gifts, and maybe even a bit of stress, why not get away and enjoy a trip to the snow? Celebrate everything you’ve been through this year with a ski or snowmobiling trip. Hike through the frost covered mountains or sail down the slopes on a snowboard. However you like your wintertime adventure, dress the part. Make your trip memorable with the people you love and clothes that keep you warm and dry all day without sacrificing style. Klim outfits men and women from hats to boots and everything in between.


Dressing for cold weather is a skill. Klim gear provides all the essentials to help you do it well. Follow these tips and look good while doing it:

Layer up – By donning various light layers of clothing, you’ll trap air between each of them, keeping you warmer than if you wore just one bulky coat. It’s like your own body heat-created insulation system that you can regulate at will. Start with a base layer like the Klim Tech Long Sleeve T. If you’re active out in the cold, you’ll likely perspire. This first layer helps which moisture away from the skin. Next choose an insulating layer like the Klim Men’s Inferno or the Women’s Sundance jackets. These mid-level pieces keep warmth in while still allowing air flow. Next is the protective layer. This thicker layer is meant to keep your warmth in and the elements out. Try the Klim Storm Parka for men or the Allure Parka for women. Follow suit for your bottom half with Klim bibs and pants.

Accessorize – It’s not just your core that needs protecting from the snow, wind, sun, and other cold weather elements. Keeping your extremities warm is just as essential. Since up to 60 percent of your body’s heat can escape through an uncovered head, don’t forget a hat. The Klim Muffler hat offers extra warmth for frosty ears while the Klim Bill Beanie is the perfect combination of function and fashion. Add the Aggressor Neck Sock and create a continuous layer of warmth from your head to your collar. Klim Women’s Aurora GTX Boot is a real performance driven boot with styling and functionality that doesn’t compromise either. Keep those fingers from falling right off with Women’s Allure and Men’s Inversion Gloves. And don’t forget that the sun shines bright even in the snowiest wonderlands. Protect your eyes with Klim goggles in a variety of styles and colors.

Choose wisely – What your winter clothing is made of is just as important as how it looks. Opt for underlayers made of synthetic fibers that have wicking properties to keep moisture off the skin. Fleece is a fine choice for your insulating layer as it works to keep your body’s own warmth in and it dries out quickly. Your protection layer should be wind and water proof. So look for tightly woven fabrics teamed with a coating or laminate. Avoid cotton at all costs. Though this versatile material is great for dish and bath towels, it’s dangerous for cold weather clothing. The same way it soaks up water in your home, it will soak up water on your body, leaving you cold and possibly ill.

Remember to pack all the latest clothing styles and essentials from Klim on your next winter trip and enjoy all that the snow has to offer!


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