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Top 5 Brands for Multi-Functional Footwear

Footwear Challenges

Let’s make no bones about it. Finding a decent pair of shoes can be nothing short of a nightmare, especially if you want to use the shoe for multiple purposes. In the world of specialist footwear for various activities, finding a durable shoe can be extremely difficult. We looked at both the brands that produce the best variety of footwear, as well as those with the best potential for multiple use, when it came to putting our list together.

1. Adidas

Adidas fit the bill perfectly when it comes to producing a shoe for all occasions, as well as many that can be used for multiple purposes. Although not widely recommended, even their most iconic fashion shoe, the Gazelle, can be worn as casual fashion as well as for jogging, or even playing sports such as football or tennis.

Adidas produce a wide range of shoes, from committed sport trainers to those that are clearly only meant for fashion, such as this years’ take on espadrilles by the iconic sportswear brand.

adidas shoes

2. Creative Recreation

Although primarily an urban style brand, Creative Recreation have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity across many markets. Even within urban styles, they have a reputation for allowing the user to carry off any look, and it is this key characteristic that has seen it transcend clothing genres to become a global leader in overall footwear.

A comfortable and durable alternative to the traditional trainer, Creative Recreation offer affordability and style in droves.

creative recreation shoes

3. Converse All Stars

This brand is quite simply one that is loved by everyone. Although the Chuck Taylor variety were originally designed as a basketball shoe, their emergence as an all-round fashion leader has been truly breath-taking. More formal styles can be found by buying black varieties, or investing in the more sober Jack Purcell range.

converse all stars shoes

4. Nike

In a similar vein to Adidas, Nike began as a niche sportswear manufacturer and soon grew into one of the biggest brands in the whole of fashion. While it is abundantly clear where shoes such as the “Nike Air Jordan” get their inspiration from, the complete range holds a shoe for every occasion and every style, even the most casual trends are catered for.

google nike shoes

5. Supra

This is the brand in the list that is most geared towards traditional fashion values, using loud colours and aggressive design features to really stand out. Supra footwear is also extremely comfortable and durable however, giving great support especially for reasonably high impact sports on the legs such as Basketball and Tennis.

supra shoes

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