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Hot Beauty Tips: Feeling Fabulous When Going On Vacation

When packing up for a long awaited vacation, most people will have a long to do list that includes having someone to walk the dog and check the house. Whereas these are important, you should not allow your list to be one sided. In the same manner that you are diligent in ensuring that all you leave behind is safe, and ensuring you have the right hotels on your itinerary, you should ensure your body is in the right condition for the vacation.

A vacation is not about leaving the house or going to anew destination. A vacation is all about you feeling good relaxed and refreshed. It is about having new experiences. Well then, here is the news flash – you cannot have a great time in your holiday if your body is not feeling great. Even if you are in the island you have always dreamt off, an exotic place in Africa or Asia it will not feel like a vacation if your body lets you down. Ensure you look fabulous like the places you will visit with the following tips.

  1. Scrub! Scrub! Scrub!

A summer holiday means you will be showing a lot of skin. The bikinis, the sleeveless tops and the shorts will be out for showing. You can flaunt off such clothing if you are not comfortable in your own skin literally. You need to have fresh looking and glowing skin. Prior to going for your holiday, ensure that you give your body a full scrub and not only your face. This will get rid of the dead cells that have accumulated over the months with the drab schedule of work and more work.

During the vacation, ensure you drink plenty of water regardless of your destination. The change of climate can wreak havoc on your body so ensure you moisturize. You will be doing a lot of sun bathing and walking in the sun so you need to keep your fluids close to you. Finally, do not let nasty sunburns ruin the experience on your way back hence ensure you pack hose wide hats and loose scarves to protect your skin from the UV rays alongside the sunscreen.

  1. Get rid of peeking hair!

You are lifting your arms to enjoy the ocean and hairs are peeking. Peeking hairs are never a good thing no matter where you are, so be sure to get rid of them. For permanent hair-removal methods, ensure you have the procedure done at least 2 weeks prior to ensure the skin heals well. For waxing and creams, give it at least a week prior and at least a day or two for shaving. This ensures that not anything you encounter during the vacation will irritate your skin.

  1. Highlight what you want seen

As you get rid of unwanted body hair, you want the hair on your head looking vibrant and fresh. Take a trip to the salon and get those split ends removed and the hair treated. Get rid of the dry straw looking hair with a good treatment session and deep conditioner. You should also pack some leave in conditioner and treatment for the vacation. You hair also needs protection from UV rays so keep it folded when going for long walks and hikes. When relaxing on the beach or by the pool let it go and enjoy the wind in your hair. It is all about finding the perfect balance.

  1. Nails! Nails! Nails!

With your hair done, and your skin shimmering in the sun the icing on the cake is your nails. There is something about chipped nails and polish that makes you look unprepared and shabby. Go for a full pedicure and manicure at your salon to get your nails matching how you look and what you want to feel.
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  1. Rejuvenate your body

The norm for most is going to the spa during the vacation. Yes this fabulous but it does little to rejuvenate your body. Going to the spa should be done slightly before the vacation especially for those deep tissue massages. It is like warming up the engine before going out for a good drive.


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