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Tips To Select Your Bridesmaid Dress According To Wedding Dress

Planning for a wedding is often a tough job for most brides, especially the act of selecting the perfect wedding gown. To make matters worse, the bride also the added responsibility of selecting her bridesmaid’s dress because the bridesmaid’s dress color, style, and ‘look’ will help frame the bride and will support her beauty on the big day. Here a few useful tips that will make selecting the right bridesmaid’s dress a lot easier for you.



Harmonize The Wedding’s Color Theme

The first step that you should take when planning out your wedding is to harmonize the entire color theme. Not just your wedding dress, but even the bridesmaid’s dress should harmonize with the general color theme. While the venue color and the bridesmaid’s dress color need not be the same, they should certainly in similar hues. It’s essential that you decide on the entire color theme first.

Finalize The Type Of Wedding

According an on-line dress store which provides more than 5000 different types of fashionable dresses – The style of your bridesmaid’s dress needs to be according to the formality of the venue. Bridesmaids attending informal or casual wedding venues enjoy most colors and styles. On the other hand, formal venues usually warrant longer bridesmaid dresses in more somber colors. Therefore, knowing what type of wedding you wish to have will help select the dress shade.

Understand Your Wedding Dress Style

Before you go about selecting your bridesmaid’s dress it is important to have finalized your wedding dress. You need to know the style of your dress, the fabric that it is made up of, and also the embellishments on your dress as these things should play into your bridesmaid’s dress choice. The key is to choose a bridesmaid dress that compliments your own wedding dress.

Know Your Bridesmaid’s Body Shape

You need to take into consideration your bridesmaid’s body shape before you finalize the style for her dress as the dress style is intricately linked to the shape of the wearer. Remember that the dress should highlight and flatter the bridesmaid’s body silhouette rather than hugging it tightly. Also, keep in mind that the dress should allow her to feel comfortable and beautiful so that she can play her role with confidence.

Most Importantly,Be A Good Friend

You certainly don’t want to ruin your wedding by creating a dress stress for your bridesmaid by turning them into fashion victims. Also, don’t dress your bridesmaid in something hideous in order to look pretty in comparison. The best thing you could possibly do is to ask your bridesmaid for her ideas and tastes as this will help you narrow down your choices. Simple and elegant designs make everybody happy, so avoid going over the top with lots of details, embellishments, and accessories.

And finally, keep in mind that no matter which dress you ultimately pick for your bridesmaid, make sure that your bridesmaid has the benefit of wearing a stylish and flattering dress on your wedding, even if they my probably never wear it again.

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