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Fashion design short courses – Where to find them

Fashion design short courses

Today, fashion designing is being considered one of the most lucrative career choices. This is due to the growth rate and stiff competition in the world of fashion. Being a flexible opportunity, many have ventured into this niche business to earn extra cash or treat it as their full-time career.

However, if you are serious in wanting to be a successful fashion designer you’ll have to go through some course modules to gain the know-how to understand the ins and outs of this industry. More importantly, these skills that you’ll pick up are effective and will certainly come in handy.

This includes learning the start, the process, and later the brandings and launching of your designs. The courses below offer specialised techniques and expert knowledge in the field of fashion designing to equip you with basic yet essential skills that you need.

At the beginning of the course, you’ll be introduced to the basics where fundamental knowledge is absolutely necessary. This will take you through to more advanced skills and qualifications that you’ll need to thrive in the fashion industry. Besides, you’ll procure an overview of the history of fashion design since the 19th century and be able to predict the next trends and patterns of the industry.

There are many courses available for you to learn. They are not only fun, but you get to learn the basics of them as well. Courses such as fashion designing courses, fashion industry essentials, draping, designing and creating trousers, jewellery, fashion trends forecasting, footwear and accessories design and lastly fashion merchandising.

Let’s take a look at the fashion courses below and see how we can become one before heading into other courses.

1. Fashion merchandising

Fashion merchandising is a dynamic field that demands trained managers to display the latest items and trends to a highly fashion-conscious buying community. It is related to buying, selling, and marketing, however, the creation and design in the fashion industry are not included in it.

Fashion merchandisers can work as a purchasing agent in a retail setup who choose the products and promote them to increase market and brand shares.

Some fashion merchandisers are responsible for working for fashion designers, and they manage the product line in-store and maintain shelf space. A few merchandisers take fashion design courses in Singapore to open their own store and keep control over their careers.

Generally, you will be able to wisely combine your business-oriented mindset with the love of procurement to enhance brand exposure and boost revenue. In this diverse nature of the field, you will need to visit a fashion designer to know the upcoming trends and meet a textile distributor to check the fabrics’ quality. Enter into this fascinating area of study and reveal various interesting aspects of the fashion industry.

  1. Fashion drawing for Beginners

Fashion drawing is essential for everyone whose drawing isn’t good or is below par. This course is for them to learn and to get their drawing skills polished because drawing has a major part in fashion designing.

A fundamental yet essential skill indeed. I don’t think fashion design can survive without drawing, be it on paper or on any electronic device.

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamental drawing skills and your skills will be made to be practised.

  1. Fashion Industry Essentials

In any industry or area, one has to know the ins and outs of the industry and what the employer is seeking to have in its employees or the ones he wants to hire.
For this very purpose, the certificate in this is here to qualify industry professionals to assess if they have the basic understanding needed to perform and excel in this direction.

This course will give you valuable insights into how the fashion industry is run and what are the dos and don’ts of it. Without which, you will not know how to become a skilled industry professional and to live your dream of becoming one.

  1. Draping

Any fashion designer at some stage of her learning career has to learn the art of draping because without it, you can not excel in the fashion designing world.
It is an integral part of any niche area whether you are in retail, e-commerce or made-to-measure.

Any short course of Draping will make you learn the deep principles of draping and how you can manipulate the various fabrics to produce your desired output.
For which it is obvious that you can’t learn it all by yourself and so having a course for draping is essential to take along with other courses for fashion designing.

  1. Designing and Creating Trousers

One of the most prominent pieces of attire in the fashion industry is trousers. They hold a huge significance in how one dresses.

This short course will lead you to how to design your creativity of how you want a trouser to be and then put that creative thought into a product.

You’ll learn how to take measurements and how to assemble garments.
The course is filled with tons of information for you to learn and see in order for you to become a nice fashion designer.

  1. Jewellery Design

Jewellery is famous in both gender, that is the men and the women. However, it is more dominant in women. They love to wear nice jewellery and look elegant.

Since you know that the jewellery niche has a never-ending demand, it would be really nice for you to try your luck and jump into the jewellery designing part of fashion designing. There are fashion institutes that provide diplomas for jewellery designs and it makes you learn all the ins and outs of the jewellery designing area.

  1. Fashion Trends Forecasting

This is one of the most important courses of fashion designing because trends change with time, and sometimes really quick so it is really really essential for a fashion designer to know the prevailing trends that their culture has so that he or she may work towards it for their favour.

Top fashion design schools are now widely offering this program or course because without it there is no fashion designing. You’ll realize how important this is when you think that in order to succeed in your venture or in anything else you need to know what the people want or what they want to buy so that’s where the trends kick in. This course will teach you how to use tools and knowledge to know the trends of fashion designs that are ruling.

  1. Footwear and Accessories Design

Generally, fashion designers are perceived to be the ones that only design or create bodywear only but it’s wrong. Being a fashion designer is much much more than just being a person who designs and creates fancy dresses and whatnot. It’s about being someone who can jump into people’s minds and understand their taste and then make products that appeal to the masses.

And so, Footwear and Accessories (discussed above) are one of the prominent and major areas of fashion designing. If you can’t have your head focus on other aspects of fashion designing then the Footwear and Accessories area would be the best for you.


Everyone, be it a guy or a girl, is trying to achieve his or her goal to be a fashion designer and for this, they struggle just like every other person does. It’s not easy, it’s not like what most people think of it being relatively easier than the rest of the majors.

With this pandemic, many fashion institutes have been closed and are forced to conduct classes online if not all. Not just fashion design schools but pretty much every school and with this, they have been forced to teach online. Now, it may or may not be better for you to be taught online but for some, it certainly goes to their advantage. Learning online certainly saves travelling time for one.

For this very purpose, we derived some of the core and essential short courses that you’ll need to have in order to be capable of becoming a fashion designer.

Well, challenge yourself to use the latest trends and statistics to ensure the success of your career. More importantly, pick the right fashion course that is suitable for you. Base this decision on the direction you’d like to take since there are many aspects when it comes to choosing a specialisation.

You can gain a lot of insights from these short yet highly effective courses aimed at maximising your knowledge, skill and expertise. They aren’t that expensive either and are also provided by a credible fashion institute. It gets the wheel running for sure, whichever path that you choose. So, I hope you like these courses picked by us.


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