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Accessorize your Halloween Costume

Halloween is the one time of year when you can take on any personality that you want. If you’ve ever fancied yourself a super hero, be that. If you want to let your sexy side out, this is the time of year that no one can say anything about it. Halloween can be as spooky or as fabulous as you want it to be. Think outside the box with your Halloween costume and you’ll be able to design every detail. From leather pants to wholesale costume jewellery, with the right pieces your costume will come together.

Clothing Basics

When shopping for your Halloween costume you don’t have to spend a ton on items you will only wear for one night. Use Halloween as an excuse to get the item you’ve been dreaming about. Some things that work for Halloween are:

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• anything leather
• spiked heels
• studded heels
• knee-high boots
• wholesale costume jewellery

Costume Ideas

Cat Woman: Every year girls turn into Cat Woman. If you do this well, you will look stunning. The cotton spandex jersey unitard in black from American Apparel is the perfect base. Pair this with spike heels, a leather jacket and cat ears and you are almost there. Just add claws. The Vintage Gold Armour Knuckle Finger Lengthen Gothic Punk Cool Rings from JewelleryGets are perfect. These will cover your fingers and give you the ability to scratch anyone.


Urban Cowboy: Bring out your inner Clint Eastwood by dressing up as a kick-ass cowgirl. A great pair of jeans, boots, and a plaid shirt are what you will need to get ready for Halloween parties. Holster up with some toy guns. Accessorize with wholesale costume jewellery, like the Custom Designed Bullet Bracelet and people will know to watch themselves when you pony up to the bar.

Urban Cowboy

Perfect Pirate: There are many reasons to be a pirate for Halloween. First, you can pay homage to Johnny Depp and wear a ton of black eyeliner. Secondly, you get to wear fun scarves and plenty of jewelry. The UK Royal Pendant Triangle Jewelry Scarf has wonderfully tattered edges and a charm right at the neck. Pair this with the Vintage Antique Cool Skull with Knife Ring and you will look a tad bit evil, yet fabulous.


The Key to a Great Costume

When you feel fabulous you’ll look fabulous. No matter what you want to be, you should commit one hundred percent. If you love what you are wearing, then you’ll have a great time, whether that means going to a party or going door to door with the kids. You only wear this costume for one night, accessorize it and enjoy it!

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