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Choosing Glasses To Flatter Your Face Shape

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of glasses, it is important to understand which frames will suit your natural features. Many of the top celebrities understand how to dress and choose accessories to suit their face and body shapes. With this simple guide, you can make an informed choice when choosing your next pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses.


For those with round faces like Cameron Diaz, the most flattering frame choices are those with angular sides, such as these rectangular glasses with black acetate frame. Rectangular or square frames are flattering because they add structure to round features. Avoid wearing round or oversized eyewear because this can create the illusion of enlarging round faces.

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Heart-shaped faces feature broader temples and foreheads and narrow chins and jaw lines. For heart-shaped faces like Reese Witherspoon’s, the key is to avoid too much emphasis across the temples. Therefore, a rectangular frame would not be flattering because they can make heart-shaped faces appear wider at the top. Instead opt for rimless glasses frames which are both subtle and sophisticated.


In contrast to round faces, those with square-shaped faces should choose frames with rounded edges to soften features. Rumer Willis often wears aviator sunglasses which feature a flat brow line and rounded lenses. These help to flatter her natural features and add a touch of femininity to an angular face. As for prescription glasses, a pair of retro round glasses could be ideal.


For people with long faces like Liv Tyler, the key to flattering eyewear is to choose pairs which can add width to the face or have a strong browline. For example, these U5 glasses feature a dark browline and clear bottom half of the frame. This creates the appearance of a semi-rimless frame, whilst remaining retro and on-trend. It may also be worth considering colour: brightly coloured frames can detract from long face shapes by drawing attention to the eye area.


Oval face shapes like Jessica Alba’s can suit most frames, but it is important to consider choosing a pair that suits the size of the face. Those with petite faces and delicate features may want to avoid oversized glasses which could overpower the face.

By following this simple guide, you can accentuate the natural features you want to draw attention to and minimise those you don’t. By understanding how to flatter your face, choosing glasses is easy.

Victoria writes for prescription glasses company, DirectSight. Read more of Victoria’s work for visionmedia.


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