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Workout in High Heels

I know it’s good for me, I know it makes me healthier and tones my body, but I hate working out. I dread the moment when I return home from work and my sneakers mock me from my closet when I remove my heels.

“It’s time to put me on and run!” They scream through their tongue filled laces.

I hate working out because I hate wearing sneakers and socks. My feet feel cramped, sweaty, hot and suffocated, no matter if the sneakers are the perfect fit or are a little roomy. So to avoid wearing sneakers, I usually find myself barefoot on a yoga mat trying to do kickboxing to a program online.

However, there are new shoes that you can wear which claim to help you lose weight. This shoe isn’t a sneaker; in fact it’s a high heel.

Heels, as work out shoes? How can that be possible?

Antelope High Heels

Antelope High Heels

These rather, uh, ugly heels have a curved in heel which has shown to help women drop at least one dress size. Now we all know Reebok had to refund their customers because their workout sneaker was a FAIL, but maybe the curved high heel is the secret to success.

The designers say that the design of the heel creates a rocking motion for the body, like when you are walking on sand or an uneven surface. This motion causes the leg, butt, hip and abdomen muscles to work at keeping your body in balance, which burns calories.

Bad Posture

If you’re not into losing weight, but want to try the shoe on for just the sake of it, there are other benefits. The heels will also help correct poor posture, which many people have, and will straighten the spin and reduce stress in the knees and joints.

high heels for women

The Style

The shoe is rather modest looking and the picture, although a proto-type is not flattering. The heel is rather low, maybe two inches, and has a thick black and beige ankle strap. The rest of the shoe is left open until we start to creep into toe cleavage land.

Then the ugliness begins.

Around the foot base, and covering the toes, is an ugly pool table green fabric with a grey border. The shoe will be released in different colors, and I’m hoping it will come in full nude and black, but there is no word on what the colors or fabrics will be.

However, the idea of attending a dinner date, wedding, work, or any dressy event with heels that are helping you shed the weight sounds too good to pass up.

high heels shoes for women


These high heels will not be released until sometime during the next year, 2013, and will only be sold (until someone creates a knockoff of black market) on StyleMeTv. The price for this fab find is around $118.00, which is about two months at the gym cramming your cute little feet into sneakers.

Only time will tell if these heels will do as they promise and if they will become all the rage amongst women.

high heels 2012

Work out in these heels and match in the perfect dress from


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