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Tips on Pregnancy Fashion For the Office

You’re not fat – you’re pregnant. Having a baby is an amazing blessing, but unfortunately you’re still going to get too big to wear your clothes. As a professional in an office, how do you adjust your wardrobe so that you can stay fashionable and appropriate? Here are some tips.

Get the Most Out of Your Regular Wardrobe

In the first trimester or so of your pregnancy, you can probably still fit into your regular clothes. Try to stretch this as far as possible by making minor adjustments to compensate for just a little bit of extra bulge. Leave your pants unbuttoned, and wear a long shirt that can cover you so it’s not obvious, or loop a hairband through the buttonhole to secure your pants. Do an inventory of your work clothes and find the pieces that have the most breathing room. See if there are other ways you can mix-and-match or alter your style a bit with what you already have.

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Invest in a Belly Band

In order to “stretch” your wardrobe even more, invest in a belly band. A belly band is a stretchy piece of fabric that wraps around your waist. It holds up your pants and flattens them so you can wear them unbuttoned. Many lucky women find that a belly band can let them continue wearing their regular clothes for the majority of their pregnancy.

Find the Shoes that Fit

Being on your feet a lot while pregnant – or at all – can be extra hard on you, especially when you’re blown up like a watermelon and your feet start to swell. Avoid wearing high heels and those shoes that end up hurting your feet after a few hours. Wear your most comfortable work-appropriate shoes. If you don’t have a pair, shop for one soon. Find a shoe that fits but isn’t too tight, has good support, and is comfortable enough to wear all day.

Buy Office Maternity Clothes on a Budget

If you have the luxury of being able to buy maternity clothes without looking at the price tag, then go for it. In most cases, however, you’re going to want to spend as little as possible while still getting the pieces you need to carry you through the rest of your pregnancy. Spending too much can be wasteful, since you’ll only be wearing them for a few months (at least until your next baby). Shop at less expensive stores with maternity sections, like Target and Old Navy. Look for versatile wardrobe staples, and skip any very unique pieces that you might not wear as much.

Always Go for Comfort Over Style

A pregnant body isn’t the most comfortable skin to be in, so don’t make it harder on yourself with stiff work clothes. Always look for comfortable pieces. Think stretchy fabrics like cotton, knits, and jersey. If you can make leggings work at your job, do it. Long shirts, roomy sweaters, skirts with stretchy waistbands, and dresses are the types of clothing items that you’ll love.


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