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The Fashionista’s Guide to The Christmas Party Season in 2012

Swing into the Christmas party season this year with the help of this comprehensive check-list: everything you need to be safe, healthy and absolutely fabulous while partying the night away!

Eat wisely and well

It is the party season, so do indulge in tasty treats at parties, especially if they are serving your favourite nibbles, but try to eat healthily the rest of the time. This will make sure that you look and feel your best during this busy time of year. Sip plenty of water in between alcoholic drinks to stay hydrated and help you feel fuller when faced with too much temptation.

Christmas Party

Get home safe

Find out about taxi services in your area and use them to make sure you get home safely after parties and nights out. Public transport services do not run as regularly during the holiday season and waiting for infrequent, overcrowded buses and trains can be very unappealing. A taxi service can ensure your safe and prompt arrival at an event and see you home safely afterwards. Just be sure to always use an approved taxi company, as the Metropolitan Police’s recent campaign said, “getting into an unlicensed mini-cab is getting into a strangers car”.

 Dress to impress

Choose dresses that suit your style and look, the wonderful metallic micro-minis are superb for showing long beautiful legs, severely tailored dresses can display a neat waistline and highly textured and embellished shift-style dresses can skim over figure flaws in a most flattering way. Very slim ladies can get away with the beautiful asymmetrical one-shoulder dresses that float ethereally as they move. The classic Little Black Dress is still with us, there is no beating this archetypal wardrobe staple! The beauty of the LBD is that is can be entirely transformed with the addition of various accessories and by the way you are made-up – from sultry sex-bomb to demure Miss, a little black dress can be endlessly made over to suit every possible occasion.

If the weather outside is frightful

Dress appropriately for the weather, even a fabulous designer dress cannot enhance the gaunt, blue-with-cold look! There are masses of beautiful coats and jackets out there and you are sure to find one that enhances your style, from the military-tailored full-length coats of Nicole Farhi to the elegantly fitted but oh-so warm padded Burberry that wowed the critics at the recent London Fashion Week. Highly textured and detailed cable and Fairisle knits are highly fashionable too, so stay warm and set the trends at all the parties you attend!

Love your feet this winter

Stilettoes, platforms and strappy sandals can make a woman feel fabulous, emphasising long legs, beautiful ankles and dainty feet but if overused they can take their toll. Blisters, bunions and corns are just some of the common foot problems that can occur when fashion shoes are worn too often for too long. Every few days take the time to pamper your feet, apply a soothing foot-cream, use a pumice stone and check your feet for problem areas. Take advantage of this check-up to freshen up your pedicure and make sure that your toes sparkle, ready for dancing the night away at the next party.

This is the season for goodwill and merriment, as well as proving that you are the reigning fashionista of your family, neighbourhood, or office and that you can shine through the whole Christmas party season!


This Christmas party guide is brought to you by Transport Innovation, the freephone taxi group who specialise in offering safe, vetted taxis throughout the UK.


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