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Seven Best Fashion Tips for Full-Figured Women

Fashion choices for full figured women used to be limited. However, the “size zero” trend is going out and curves are back in business. There are many designers who cater specifically in plus size clothing for modern women. This is great news for women with a full figure because they are going to find some great designs. Before you go shopping, you should know about the golden rule of fashion: “Know your body.”

I see many women wearing great and in-trend things yet, still not looking as great as they should. The reason is that they don’t know their body. The clothes that designers make cater to a certain body type (mostly thin to normal).

For full figured women, there are certain things that have to be kept in mind before a dress or a top is chosen. You have great curves and you must flaunt them. So, read the following tips and remember that there are women who would die to have curves like you.

Tip #1. Wear Clothes With Vertical Lines

There is one basic rule that I have tried and found that it works every time – wearing clothes with vertical lines will always make you look slimmer and taller.


Tip #2. Avoid Large Clothes


Since I am trying to look slimmer here, I avoid wearing large clothes. I have observed curvy women wear clothes that have extra volume. As a result, their curves are not visible and they look larger in those areas, which they would like to hide. You don’t want to add extra volume. You want to hide it.

Tip #3. Wear V-Neck jackets and Blouses


Women with full-figures should ideally wear v-neck blouses as they make the neck look longer. If you keep the neckline open, you can draw attention to your face, rather than your body.

I have observed that a fitting jacket enhances a curvy silhouette, making it look attractive.

Tip #4. Wear A-Line Skirts


Wear A-line skirts that are narrow to give your body a beautiful shape. Curves are beautiful and wear clothes that enhance those curves.

Tip #5. Wear Jeans With Straight Cut


If you are full-figured, you need to wear trousers or jeans that make you appear slimmer. Straight cut trousers or jeans are the best for you. They are straight from the waist to ankle and give a slim look.
Now remember to buy stretchable denim so that you are comfortable in it and it fits you. Choose neutral colors like gray, brown, black, and others. Also, buy only block colors so that you can match them for all occasions.

Tip #6. Wear Leggings

As I mentioned earlier, clothes that fit you well are what you should wear. Continuing along the same line, buy a pair of black leggings that will not only look good on you but can also be worn on many occasions. It is stylish clothing that every woman must have.

Tip #7. Accessorize

Accessorizing is as important as choosing the right clothing. You may wear a great outfit but unless you accessorize it well, you won’t look good. This is what I believe, and it works for me every time. Choose the right bag, shoes, and accessories. Wear high heels to add length to your body. If you aren’t comfortable with high heels, then wear short heels.

Apart from heels, a belt can also give the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Don’t follow trends blindly and wear what suits you. You don’t have to lose weight so that you can look great. Make the best use of what you have.

These fashion tips are tried and tested by me and many other full figured women all over the world. You should always accentuate your assets, whether you are choosing clothes or applying makeup to your face. The trick to looking flawless is to know your flaws and hide them well. Very few people are happy with the body they have, and you are not the only dissatisfied one. So, learn to make the most of what you have.


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