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Romantic Jewellery for Her

As a rule, most women love jewellery, which is why romantic jewellery is the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you’re buying something for her birthday or an anniversary, you really can’t go wrong with an accessory that says ‘I love you’. These five romantic jewellery options say just that and can be purchased in most jewellery stores. Try to remember to give your gift in a romantic setting (such as during a candlelit dinner) and to avoid telling her the price, even if you spent a great deal on the item.

Eternity Band

Eternity bands are a full-circle ring that can be worn on a necklace or on the finger. These bands symbolize unending love and promise ‘eternal love’.  An eternity band is an incredibly romantic gift because it promises that you are willing to stick around and be her partner for the foreseeable future. Make sure that you explain what the gift means when you give it to her so that she understands your intentions.

eternity bands

Couple’s Necklaces

A couple’s necklace is a necklace that can be broken in half to be worn by two different people. This gift is very sweet because it shows her you love her enough to wear something for her to show your love. A great idea for this type of necklace is to have it customized so that each half has one of your names on it. Then, when you break it in half, you can wear her name, and she can wear yours. Couple’s necklaces make perfect gifts for Valentines or Anniversaries because they are essentially a gift for both partners rather than just for her.

couple necklaces

Heart Shaped Necklaces

The heart is a traditional symbol of love, which is just one of the reasons why a heart-shaped necklace is romantic. You can also buy these necklaces from anywhere, buy them at almost any budget and can even buy a personalized necklace. Heart-shaped necklaces are cute, romantic and are something that most girls will love.

Heart Shaped Necklaces

Monogram Necklaces

A monogram necklace is a piece of jewellery with her (or your) initial on it. These necklaces are cute, affordable and fashionable. You can also buy a monogram necklace in different types of metal such as silver-coated, silver, gold, or, etc. Monograms are a good way to say I love you because they show that you took the time to have something custom-made for her rather than picking something out with little to no thought.

Taylor Swift

Promise Rings

Promise rings have so many meanings, and all of them are romantic. Whether you want to tell her that you intend to marry her someday, that you are waiting for her, that you love her, that you are committed to her or that you will keep a promise for her, the promise ring can say it. You can purchase a promise ring to give her as a special ‘I Love You’ gift or for nearly any other reason. Many couples use a promise ring to promise the intent of marriage at a later date (for example, after college, after a raise at work or, etc.) and many others use the promise ring to dedicate fidelity and monogamy.

promise rings

Another great way to present a promise ring is as a double gift. Promise rings can be worn by men and women and can usually be customized with an inscription.

If you want to buy a promise ring for her, you can check online or in jewellery stores. It is important that you know her ring size before you attempt to purchase jewellery.


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