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Packing Formal Wear for Travel

International travel can be stressful and difficult especially with changes in timezones and connecting flights. Packing your nice and neat formal wear can be equally problematic since these clothes are something that needs to remains spotless and perfect for whatever social event we need to attend. Business meetings and any formal social situation are situations where we need to look our best so here we have decided to give you some hints and tips on what you can do to avoid unnecessary headaches:


Packing Formal Wear for Travel


Use a hard-sided case

This should be done to avoid any damage to breakable items you may have placed inside the same case. It is usually best to avoid putting anything that could break and stain your formal wear in the same luggage. A hard-sided case will also protect your clothes from impacts and further wrinkling for any reason.

Roll them up

This is a technique which works for some formal wear – instead of folding them and placing them inside. Fold them the usual way and then wrap them in a roll – this won’t keep all the wrinkles out but it will be better if you’re not stuffing your clothes as the creases will be less noticeable. Avoid doing this to shirts with hard collars since this will make them worse than before.

Heavy on the bottom

If you have shoes being packed then place them at the bottom of the luggage and away from the handles. This will ensure that the weight will be distributed toward the bottom and they won’t put any pressure on the clothes you leave there.

Ziploc bags

These can go a long way in protecting your items from any liquids you might be transporting. You might want to place such items in those bags to minimize the damage in case something bursts during transport. They will isolate the spill as much as possible. Once again it is best not to place anything staining or breakable with your formal wear.

Pack tightly

Extra space can leave some items moving around thus allowing wrinkles. Whatever you do however, make sure you don’t cram the luggage full until you’re having difficulties closing it. You’ll want some balance in this – you may even break a zipper if you’re not careful.

Ways to protect

There is no perfect way to save your formal wear from wrinkles, but you can take some small steps to ensure they will look better and possibly wrinkle-free. Packing them in plastic bags first will protect them. A good number of cruise lines offer freshening and pressing services for a small fee which help keep your formal wear in a better shape. Polyester materials are more resistant to wrinkles so if you need to travel a lot consider changing the materials your clothes are made of.

Courier services

Companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL and so on can ship these items for you alternatively if you don’t want to bother with too much problems. This is of course a solution which largely depends on when you need your formal attire, though their services are capable of protecting your clothes better than you can.

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