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Embroidery: From Craft to Fashion Trend

Embroidery is the art of creating magic on the fabric using threads and a needle. This technique is said to be thousands of years old. The existence of embroidery can be found in ancient Chinese, Greek, Persian, Indian, and Syrian culture. In fact, the artifacts which are claimed to belong to cavemen have stitching on them. So, it would be hard to guess when it did exactly come into existence; but it’s old, very old.

Embroidery has always been around. We all have seen our grandmothers stitching designs and pattern on our dresses. During the industrial revolution, embroidery became a hit in Europe, from logos on shirts to queen’s royal gowns, it was everywhere. In 70’s, it took pace in America, where the disco-age was all about wearing embroidered pants and jackets.

During 80’s and 90’s it spread throughout the world, and embroidery was seen on all types of fabrics, even denim. The trend lost its charm during the 2000s, when the focus shifted to the modern dressing, but now embroidery in coming back, and that too with a bang.

Last year’s runways have been all about embroidered dresses, whether it was Dolce & Gabanna or Ralph & Russo, embroidery could be seen in everyone’s collection. The fashion designers throughout the globe have recognized the potential of this art. They are beautifully incorporating it in their dresses, and the results are just spell-binding. Embroidery is a trend that goes beyond the day and night looks. It looks amazing in all colors, all fabrics and all kinds of clothing.

In the world of women fashion, embroidery has definitely created a stir. From casual dresses to party dresses for women, a hint of embroidery can be seen everywhere. From Marc Jacob’s embroidered jumpsuit to Gucci’s embroidered skirt, women are enjoying the trend to the fullest. Even embroidered jewelry and accessories are becoming popular with the young women. Look at Jimmy choo who aesthetically incorporated embroidery in his shoe collection.

Today, machine embroidery is seeing new heights of popularity. Computers have made this sewing technique grow by leaps and bounds. It is now easier to produce in mass, and create consistent designs. Put any design on the computer, and the embroidery machine will create it for you. This has enlarged the territory of embroidery from just fashion clothing to customized franchise products, art pieces, decorative items, etc.

Embroidery as an art form has come places. It is no longer just our grandma’s past time; it is a global trend now. It has made us aware of the beauty of turning a plain piece of fabric into a work of art. Those intricate designs and artistic patterns have infused an exquisiteness of their own onto fabrics, increasing their worth and adding to its value. An embroidered piece is a must addition to a woman’s wardrobe, so buy yours today, and feel the richness of this art.
Guest Post by: Hottie and Lord


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