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ELIXIR by Royel’s Ciara Iman Declares Black Lives Matter Because All Lives Matter In EXCLUSIVE Interview

The recent killing of George Floyd has given a new spark to the anti-racism movement. Many people across the globe have come forward to present their views on the inhuman behavior faced by people due to their physical features.

Ciara Iman from ELIXIR by Royels Vanity Issue has come forward to present her views on the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement.

The professional model got her start in the World of Royel by providing her opinion on the vanity. For her, vanity is an obsession. True beauty according to her is what comes from within. “You can put all the makeup and filler in the world in you, but if your spirit isn’t right inside and isn’t happy inside it will start to show,” she said.

The news of Geroge Floyd reached her when she was traveling across the states and it immediately took her by shook. She was surprised by the cruel behavior of police officers and felt sick after watching the video. This also sparked anger inside her and she even didn’t want to talk to anyone about it at that movement. She felt like it was “Us against the world.”

Ciara is a strong believer of Black Lives Matter. She believes that every human is equal and there is no one who should be treated better or worse as compared to others. The term Black Lives Matter according to her is “putting everything on the table” and so it holds an unparalleled significance. “All lives matter, but for centuries black lives haven’t mattered to anyone. It seems we’ve been disposable and pushed under the rug. It is important that everyone knows Black Lives Matter,” she said with enthusiasm. She further added that “this is an issue for everybody because this is a direct threat to mankind. We are all the same and bleed the same blood.” For Ciara, if anyone finds God in one human being than he is present in all of them and so all of them should be treated with equal respect.

The American model also discussed the pros and cons of violent protests. She believes that violence is important to make your voice heard and reach the global audience because this is not just an issue of America. This is an issue that concerns the whole world. The bad things about such protests are things such as curfew, martial laws, and clashes with police. It also becomes difficult to differentiate between protestors and those who are not involved in it. In the case of police action, many those who were not involved in it also become victims of police action.

“Everyone has a different way to voice their opinion, but when that voice is heard and the world still doesn’t care, you start to think of bettering yourself and not caring what the world thinks, because they heard us from the beginning and they still didn’t care,” she added.

Ciara believes that in order to attain what we want the world has to come together and end this disease of racism once and for all. According to her the social media and mainstream media can play an important role in it. She also added that we should not stop until the dream of a perfect world comes true.

The next issue of ELIXIR by Royel will be out in August. You can also browse the previous issue for free at elixirbyroyel.com. Stay tuned for more interesting articles on Social Justice, George Floyd, and Black Lives Matter!


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