Mitchell Royèl reveals he’s been writing his first ‘transformational self – help book’

Mitchell Royèl
Photography credit: Jesse Milledge, @filmmorela on instagram


Less than 24 hours after the release of Mitchell Royèl’s highly anticipated Lemonade Issue, the social media superstar announced he’s been busy writing his first self – help book. Currently untitled, Royèl stated he will providing his supporters with the title, along more details in the near future. Royèl appears to be planning a heavy marketing rollout for the book, because the book won’t be released until January 2021.

Royèl also took a moment to address his haters byway of reminding his loyal supporters to ‘be the change they wish to see,’ when they bear witness negative comments about his zine, Elixir by Royel.

Here’s the full transcript of Royèl’s official statement:

“PICK FLOWERS, NOT FIGHTS! Wow! What an incredible week it’s been for not only myself but @theelixirbyroyel community. We had a seamless rollout for our #lemonadeissue. I couldn’t be prouder of our featured artists, who had the courage to share themselves authentically with our readers. That said, as our publication grows, I’ve begun to bear witness to both positive, constructive feedback + hateful, derogatory comments. I just want to remind our community to be the change they wish to see in the face of negative, toxic energy.

Much has transpired within the last year. All day everyday, when I’m not curating EBR, I’ve been writing. I am beyond stoked to announce that in January 2021, I will be releasing my first transformational self – help book! Yes, in the present, 1/21 seems VERY far away, but I want the rollout + release to be PERFECT! I will be revealing the title + more juicy details about the book within the VERY near future. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the support. Our best has yet to come. I truly believe that. Until next time, namaste.”

Mitchell Royèl’s Lemonade Issue is currently available to stream at


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