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Costume Jewellery Retailing in the United Kingdom

Costume jewellery in the UK is rapidly becoming popular.  More and more people are experimenting with fashion and this kind of jewellery offers an affordable option to do so.  There are many retailers catering to this segment.  Most of the jewellery is manufactured in Asia and there are wholesalers who source it for the UK market.  The quality of the pieces varies from the stores where they are bought.  The cheapest option is to pick them up on the different street markets.  There are high-end classy pieces of costume jewellery available in stores that cater to a niche segment of customers.

The variety on offer is unbelievable.  All kinds of jewellery that you find in the precious metal segment are available in the cheaper form to enjoy.  Typically, the metals used are steel, chrome and brass.  Leather, paper, beads and glass are other materials that are used to make rings, necklaces, chains, pendants, toe rings, earrings and much more.

costume jewellery

Many of the fashion stores selling ready-to-wear formal and casual clothing have sections with costume jewellery on display.  This has started off the trend to match jewellery with the clothes bought at their store.  More and more people are hence taking to wearing jewellery on a daily basis.

For Men: The options for men to choose from include cufflinks, tiepins and watches.  There is a huge selection and it is very affordable to maintain a personal collection to be worn for different occasions.   Again, a lot of these items are available in stores retailing clothes, thus offering a one-stop shopping experience.

 A lot of costume jewellery options are available for kids and youngsters.  There are specific brands with cartoon characters or the like for children who are in awe of them.  The materials used by reputed brands are child friendly, with great care given to the nature of metals used. Small beads or glass are avoided.  For the teenagers and young crowd, there is a wide variety of colorful, chunky jewellery to give a trendy look.

Costume Jewellery as Gifts : They also serve as good giftware.  Especially during the holiday season, they can be gifted to friends both young and old.  They definitely give that extra special feeling.  There are a number of places to get the best pieces of costume jewellery in the UK.  Most of the shopping malls and big retailers have a good selection.  This kind of jewellery does not necessarily need to be cheap.  There are a number of classy pieces with semi precious stones that you can add to your collection.  There are also designer labels to cater to the brand conscious customer.  Many people have taken to costume jewellery collecting as a hobby.

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