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Add a Finishing Touch to Your Outfit

An outfit without accessories is like a birthday cake with no candles – they’re the finishing touch!

Plain jeans and a t shirt can have a complete overhaul with just one chunky necklace or a stack of neon bracelets giving you every look in the book. Some feather earrings give a festival feel to denim shorts whilst simple diamond studs give a little black dress a glamorous, classy polish.

Accessories can change the way you feel, try a thumb ring for a laid back touch, a floppy summer hat for a boho vibe or a hair bow for a girly touch.

Accessories don’t need to be designer to look good either, high street shops offer heaps of accessories that are cheap enough for you to change them with the trends but will still last you years. And it’s not just jewels we’re talking about but practical add on’s too like gloves and scarves. There are tons of bobble hats, mittens and snoods everywhere from supermarkets to designer boutiques in every shade, pattern and texture imaginable to go with every part of your outfit.

Finishing Touch outfit

Go for a mix of colour pops for a quick update to a bland outfit and more muted shades such as grey and beige for a classic look that will go with everything and invest in a few cashmere scarves to wrap up in during summer evenings as well as cheaper wool blends that will last a few wears but can get bobbly mid-way through winter.

For nights out on the town choose a simple outfit and pile up on the jewel embellishments such as cocktail rings, cuffs and dangly gem earrings. If statement jewellery isn’t your thing go for a smoky eye, glitter tights and a metallic clutch bag to catch the light enough to rival a disco ball.

Let accessories bring out your personality and unique way of styling up your outfit, they’re not just limited to jewellery but belts, hats, piercings, tights, handbags, knee high socks, even ear muffs.

Remember that everything you add onto your outfit is an accessory and that means underwear, tights, leggings and socks too so go for something that is individual to you not just your everyday white, black and nude, if it gives your outfit an extra twist it’s a successful accessory!

Take inspiration from girls on the street, celebrities, women in history, your grandma, everyone and everything to inspire look from military, Cleopatra, ballet…the looks are endless! Accessories are so easy to switch up and create a pastiche so that you need never look the same as anyone else and can become your signature style.

Sally-Anne Meredith shares her keen interest in the fashions of todays youth

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