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90’s Fashion: 10 Of The Greatest Trends

The 90s was an interesting era for all kinds of consumer goods.  The 90s produced some unique menswear, striking womenswear, iconic TV shows, amazing tech, and rather regrettable bands. Do you remember these interesting fashion trends?

90's fashion trends

1. Overalls with the straps down.

You had to have a lot of self confidence to pull this off, and you had to wear the right brands too.  Pick up some Guess overalls, and wear them casually undone for a uniquely trendy look.

2. Skate Tees

Back in the 1990s, Skate Tees were a popular fashion statement worn by people that, well, actually skated.  These days, Skate Tees aren’t quite as common, because street skating has gone out of fashion.  You do still see them, but the wearers are often “chavs” and kiddies that don’t know how to skate.

3. Parasuco Jeans

This interesting, unique menswear item is a great way to show that you’ve got some serious cash behind you.  You might laugh at the “tuxedo jeans” appearance, but worn with confidence these striped jeans will definitely turn heads.

4. Manpris

Manpris are a pretty good representation of the 1990s, but they’re timeless too.  They’re usually made of a synthetic fabric, but that can be forgiven; after all, they’re practical and comfortable.  Manpris boast cargo pockets and a convenient drawstring hem. Apart from the nylon, what’s not to like?

5. Roos

Roo trainers had a side pocket on them.  So, as long as you don’t like to go dancing in puddles or running in mud, you can stash stuff conveniently in your shoes.  Trust me, that sounds like a better idea than it really is.

6. Shell Suits

Neon coloured shell suits were a favourite among exercise fans and school kids alike.  There were a few scandals about them catching fire, but who cares about safety if you can look cool, really?

7. Sketcher’s

Sketcher’s used to be a popular skate shoe brand.  Today, they’ve left the rough-and-tumble guys market behind and moved on to target women with their Shape-Up shoes.  They’re still a market leader though.

8. G-Shocks

G-Shocks, and their girl-friendly brand Baby-G, where high-tech, multi-dialled watches that offered the added bonus of being almost indestructible.  Kids and adults alike absolutely had to own one of these things.

9. Hypercolor Tees

Generra’s range of hypercolour tees were designed to change colour depending on the temperature they were exposed to.  This meant you turned stripey after a good workout, and were liable to end up with embarrassing hand prints in annoying places if you didn’t pay attention while you were sitting on the bus.  The trend was short-lived, however, because the shirts would lose their color changing ability if they weren’t washed correctly.

10. Turtlenecks

If there’s one piece of unique menswear that survived the 90’s to come out stronger, it’s the turtleneck.  Back then, the turtleneck was a popular boy-band fashion symbol, but now it’s a cosy, comfy and practical item that also happens to look rather smart.

It’s also proof that while every era does have fashion monstrosities, the good stuff can survive.

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