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Top 5 Most Popular International Tattoo Designs

Tattoo art might seem to be a creation of modern times, but it is actually an ancient art that traces its roots back centuries. While a region may have tattoo art that is only understood by the local people, there are tattoo art themes that are popular throughout the world. With the Internet, it is easy to discover an area’s popular tattoo art designs and post your own tattoos for the world to see.

Tribal Art 

Global tattoo artists universally declare tribal tattoos are their most requested tattoo art design. Whether people are honoring their heritage or simply like the style, tribal designs are extremely popular worldwide. The term tribal tattoo was used to describe a detailed graphic design originating from a particular ethnic group, but it has come to represent the bold, thick designs that are more abstract than detailed. Another term for this type of design is blackwork. Due to these large designs needing a large skin area to work with, popular body areas include the back, chest and arms.

tribal art tattoos

Internationally, popular tribal tattoo designs are found in the art of cultures indigenous to New Zealand, Polynesia, Borneo, Hawaii, and Africa and Australia. Tribal animal tattoos are a popular sub-group that count wolves, birds, fish, lions and mythical dragons in their ranks.


The cross symbol, pervasive throughout the world’s religions, is a very popular tattoo choice throughout the world. Ranging from a plain, no frills design to an elaborate Celtic cross design, the cross lends itself especially well to tattooing. Other internationally popular cross symbols include the Maltese cross, Iron cross and wooden cross.

 crosses tattoo


A star tattoo is an internationally popular design because the star shape is instantly recognizable. A star tattoo can be designed to be small and it is easy to place nearly anywhere on the body. A star can stand alone or it can be part of a grouping of stars to create a tattoo that can be understood by all.

rihanna star tattoo


Angels are ubiquitous throughout world cultures and within the tattoo community. While the angel concept is general, there are thousands of different representations of angels found. Some of the more popular angel themes used for tattoos include the angel Gabriel, archangels, baby angels and dark angels.

angels tattoos


Tattooed wings have been increasing in popularity due to the younger generation’s fascination with them. Wings are a symbol of inspiration, freedom and hope. Tattoo artists’ popular interpretations of wings include angel wings, bird wings, fairy wings and even dragon wings. Popular bird wings tattoos include the majestic eagle and the black raven. The back and shoulders are the most popular areas on the body to place wing tattoos.

wings tattoo

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