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8 Do’s and Don’ts of Women’s Fashion

Women's Fashion

Dos and don’ts can also be applied in fashion. Just because something is considered trendy, everybody regardless of age and body type should wear it. There are some things in fashion that are created to suit a particular bracket be it in age or body type. Veering away from this bracket can have disastrous results. We all know that it is essential for an individual to look good all the time. Therefore, it is also important for that individual to know which type of clothing would best suit him or her.

1. Do not pretend that you are a size smaller. Accept your size. Do not go into a store and bark a size that is too small for you simply because you are ashamed of your size. Remember that by doing such you will end up wearing clothes that are too small for you.

Women's Fashion

2. Do not wear too tight a pair of pants. This will cause your love handles as well as abdominal fats to spill out. If you have a rather round mid-section, avoid wearing low-rise and tight pants since these will only emphasize your bulge.

3. If you cannot fit in it, don’t wear it. If you have outgrown that size, then don’t force yourself into it. If you do, you might end up looking like a sausage. Tight clothing will also result in constricted breathing and you will surely end up feeling suffocated.

4. Do not wear sweaters on a summer day. It is hot wearing something like that and it will surely cause you to sweat a lot. Wearing such will surely make you feel uncomfortable because other than you sweating, the heat that you are feeling is then multiplied.

5. Do not overdo prints and patterns. It is not cool to look at someone wearing a printed top and a printed pair of pants or a skirt. Overdoing patterns is just overkill. When you wear something printed or patterned be sure to pair it with something solid or plain.

Women's Fashion

6. Do not over accessorize. Multiple layers of necklaces and bracelets at the same time are not cool especially if you are petite. You might end up looking like a Christmas tree instead of looking fantastic. Always look at yourself in the mirror whenever you are dressing up. Try on different types of accessories but do not use all of it in one go. If you are going to layer, use one or two but not more than that.

7. Do not wear clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination. If you don’t want to send out a wrong message or cause a wrong impression, then avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing or too sexy especially when you are at a meeting or on a first date. Sexy is nice but do not overdo it.

8. Do not wear open-toed or strappy sandals without cleaning your nails. Do not ever forget to clean your nails whenever you’re wearing these types of sandals. Remember that your nails are in full view of everybody. Although not everybody pays attention to your feet, it wouldn’t hurt to keep it clean.

There are still a lot of fashion dos and don’ts and you might find it hard to remember everything well. You don’t really have to memorize it; all you have to do is to make sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing and you look good with it.


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