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Switch Decor Wallpapers

Switch Decor Wallpapers

There is an unspoken understanding that when it comes to interior design unless you are 100% sure what you want (who ever really is?) that wallpaper is out of the question, Why? because  wallpaper is difficult to install and even harder to get rid of once you inevitably get bored of whatever ‘unique’ design you chose.

Of course we have all seen the wall decals and stickers that claim to be a solution to this but when you think about what you are actually getting and the damage some of these cause to the wall and in some cases even the plaster underneath is it really worth it?

Switch Decor, a London based company strives to bring wallpaper back into the forefront. Wallpaper that can be installed in minutes, with no expensive tools and no skills needed. In fact its so easy that one person can do it on their own. Switch Decor wallpaper uses a state of the art adhesive tape that sticks to your wall and their wallpaper adheres to the tape.

Wall paper

Now here is the cool part, if you put it up wonky the first time (or the first 50) you just peel off and re-stick until you are happy. Another great thing is that your wallpaper is not only removable it is also reusable, that is right, you can take it down, store it and use it again and again, you could have a holiday themed wallpaper that you can put up and take down whenever the holiday season hits.

Switch Decor also make incredible removable artwork as well as selling limited edition canvas prints for those who prefer more permanent art. Switch Decor’s motto ‘change your wallpaper like you change your mind’ is perfect for this indecisive, fast changing, throw away fashion world we find ourselves in.

Switch Decor is due to launch in October of 2018, sign up to their website to receive first look at limited edition prints and exclusive deals on their products.


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