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The Best Stylish Indoor Macrame Plant Hangers

A plant hanger is a nice way to get your potted plants or container herb gardens up and off the ground. It will keep ground crawling bugs from having easy access to your plants, and on a hot day, the water draining off the planters will actually cool the air on a porch or patio. For people with limited mobility, a plant hanger can allow them to stand and tend to plants instead of having to bend or kneel and good for interior decorations.

There are many different kinds of plant hangers, but you need three things to make sure that your plants don’t fall to the ground. One is the hanger itself, whether attached to the planter or netting of some kind that cradles the whole pot. They are made using a variety of materials from metal to natural fibers. The hangers themselves can be plain or a work of art themselves, doubling the enjoyment. These have to have a durable hook or ring to attach to.

Plant Hangers

Then there is the hook or eye bolt used to connect to the roof, just any one will not do. You have to think about the size of the planter you are hanging, as well as how much the soil and the plant together are going to weigh, and the hanger itself. They should sink into the base at least 2.5″, up to three inches is preferable. If possible, you can buy lag bolts that go through the whole base, like an exposed roof beam. That way you are absolutely sure that it won’t come down.

The third thing you really have to pay attention to is where you hang it. You can’t just sink this item into the ceiling or wall. It has to be screwed into a solid anchor, like a stud or roof beam. Don’t think that you can put one of those fake dry wall anchors up and hang plants from it. While the anchor itself may hold up, your drywall is going to break and fall because of the weight, causing much more damage than just breaking your planter and possibly killing your plant.

Plant Hangers

If you put together the right plant hanger system, you will have a much more than just hanging plants. You will be able to transfer house plants outside during the warmer months, getting them up and out of your living space. If there is a sudden storm, you can quickly take your plants into some shelter.

You can actually make money making plant hangers, if you have any kind of creative juices. There is a very popular hanger technique called macrame, which first became quite popular in the 1970s and it is made through knot tying. You can use just about any kind of sturdy material, thick yarn, small rope, and even thick plastic strings. Macrame wall hangings are very modern ways to hang plants and their pattern wall hangings are also well known.

There are many things you can do with macrame, including adding colored beads in patterns, or make a design with the knots.  They are quite sturdy, and if taken care of properly, will last a very long time. There are some drawbacks of making or using macrame, they do stretch over time, and these kinds of materials do wear out after 5-10 years.

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