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Four Reasons Why You Should Carpet Your Home

There is nothing quite like the decadent feel of a soft pile carpet under bare feet, especially on a cold morning. However, it has experienced a drop in popularity over the past few years in favor of other flooring options like wooden floorboards and stone. While these types of flooring do have plenty of qualities in being easy to maintain and stylish, you shouldn’t automatically discount a traditional fitted carpet. Read on to discover four reasons why you should carpet your home.

  1. Easy to maintain

Perhaps the main reason why people are averse to carpet is that they see it as being difficult to keep in good condition. While it is certainly true that it is not an advisable flooring option for rooms that experience a lot of damp and grime, such as kitchens and bathrooms – in these cases linoleum or stone would be a better option – maintaining a carpet is easier than you perhaps think. Vacuum your carpet on a weekly basis to remove surface dust debris that has accumulated over the week. For targeted stains, such as the dreaded red wine or tomato sauce stain, use a carpet cleaner. You could also hire a carpet shampooing machine on a seasonal basis to ensure that your carpet remains in tip-top condition.

  1. Fitted by experts

Other flooring options such as vinyl tiles and plywood can be fitted by yourself, and while this is undeniably a cost-effective option if you are carrying out renovations on a tight budget, there is the risk that they are not laid properly and therefore not particularly durable.

Carpets, on the other hand, are usually fitted by experts, so you can rest assured that you will not experience any bubbling or curling edges. Ensure that you seek out experienced, reputable fitters in your local area, such as carpet fitters Surrey, when you are buying your new carpet.

  1. Insulating

The pile of your carpet – that is, the fabric loops compiling its soft surface – adds insulation to your home because it helps to trap heat. Therefore, having carpeted rooms in your home can reduce the need for constant central heating in colder months, which in turn can help to lower hefty heating bills. In addition to this, the soft insulation of a carpet can soften the impact of falls – an important consideration if your household includes people with mobility issues, toddlers who are learning to walk or boisterous children.

  1. Stylish

Solid color or patterned, low or high pile, there is a carpet to suit every taste, lifestyle and budget. Consult an expert carpet fitter for advice on what will look the best in your home. You might, for instance, choose a striking design to make a statement, or choose a pared back color to allow your furniture to do the talking. Carpets have been used in interior home design for centuries and as such you will be in good company if you opt for a carpet for your own home.


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