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What Does The Future Hold For Eye Fashion?

Fashion lovers are always looking into new ways of enhancing their look. New trends in eye fashion are sweeping across the globe and revolutionising ways that we can create a unique and interesting look. But what does the future hold for eye fashion?

The ‘Big Eye’ Look – Circle Lenses

Eye Fashion

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Circle lenses are a type of cosmetic lens that are designed to make the iris (the coloured part of your eye) look bigger. They have seen a sudden rise in popularity ever since Lady Gaga wore them in the video for her song Bad Romance.

This recent surge in sales has been accompanied with lots of negative press. This is because many people were purchasing these lenses without having had a fitting for contact lenses with their optician. They found that the lenses didn’t fit properly and this caused them discomfort, and on rare occasions people even reported infections.

It’s likely that these consumers weren’t aware of the strict care regime involved in wearing contact lenses. If you are considering wearing circle lenses make sure that you speak to your optician first so that you can avoid any of these problems!

Circle lenses are available in a variety of colours and designs, and have always been fashionable amongst fans of Japanese culture due to the popularity of doe-eyed Anime characters.

Changing Eye Colour

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A lot of fashion lovers enjoy to experiment with their eye colour using coloured contact lenses. Recent advancements in technology are allowing people to take this one step further, but is it one step too far?

The Italian company iSEE have developed a spray on coloured contact lens.  The liquid is sprayed directly into the eye and the colour change lasts for 24 hours. After this time, the ‘lens’ dissolves and your eye returns to its natural colour.

This product sounds like an ideal solution for people who want to experiment with different eye colours, but are squeamish about putting their finger in their eye, however it is only currently available in Switzerland and Japan, and is still awaiting approval from health agencies in the US and UK.

Iris implants are a more extreme, and potentially unsafe, way of changing your eye colour. The surgical procedure involves placing a coloured silicone implant in the anterior chamber of the eye. Relatively little is known about the safety of this procedure, and there have been several reports that it has led to serious conditions including glaucoma, uveitis and vision loss.

Eye Jewellery

You may wear body jewellery, but would you ever consider eye jewellery?

In 2004 the Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery in Rotterdam, developed a procedure in which a 3.5mm wide piece of platinum is inserted into the conjunctiva, the white part of your eye. A variety of designs are available, including hearts, stars and half moons.

The pioneers of this technique claim that it is harmless and has no side effects, although many UK eye specialists disagree.  The tissue in the conjunctiva is quite loose, and there is the possibility that the implanted jewel will move around. Any movement would cause irritation, and in the worst cases could even lead to bleeding and scar tissue formation.

There are so many new innovations for eye fashion, and they are changing the way we see our eyes. But we must ask ourselves, how much is too much?

Gemma is an Optical Consultant, and enjoys to regularly blog about all things eye related. She works at ecommerce retailer that sells Lenstore contact lenses


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