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Pageant’s beauty tips and tricks

Pageant beauty tips

Pageant beauty tips and tricks

The UK Power Pageant is the Prestigious Competition offering beauties all over the UK the opportunity to compete for crowns of World Supermodel UK, Miss International, Miss Intercontinental and Miss Grand International, England, Scotland and Wales. Simona Mizaraite, Miss Ilford International 2017, is proud to be one of the finalists as she had put much effort to deserve the place. Let’s see what useful Pageant beauty tips she can share with us.

Your tips for getting ready for a night out?

When planning to go out first pick an outfit, then match the shoes, bag and accessories, then make sure you first fix your hair and then match your makeup to it. If your hair is pulled back, make sure your eyeliner follows the upward flow of your face. Or if your hair is pulled down, then smudge your eyeliner out for a bold, sexy look. While the eye shadows do not have to match your outfit, make sure you choose your lipstick colour carefully. It does not necessarily mean it has to be exact same colour as your dress but it should match in order to create an overall flawless look.

Do you have some secret make up trick?

For many people, drawing eyebrows can be the most difficult thing ever. But I have recently discovered this technique: put a spoon underneath your eyebrow and follow the curved path, you will get a nicely shaped eyebrow. Make sure you don’t overdraw it and try to match your hair colour, it should not be darker than one or two shades. Feather in some ”hairs” with a brow pencil and then finish it off with a clear brow gel.

Do you have any advice on how to look fresh even when you’re tired and did not get much sleep?

Every time before you put your makeup on; press teaspoons that have been chilled in the fridge to eliminate puffy eyes. Also, use the white pencil on your lower waterline, it helps to brighten up your eyes.

How do you make sure your skin is glowing on that big night?

Make sure you prep yourself a night before, exfoliate your skin and use a mask to give it that extra boost. I like trying different homemade DIY mask recipes, as they are healthier for your skin and do not contain any harsh ingredients that many products do these days. Whoever tends to get a dry skin can try this DIY face mask recipe with honey, natural yogurt and avocado – mash a teaspoon of each ingredient and stir it into a paste.

Apply it onto a clean skin and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Moisturize your face with a light hydrating moisturizer after you rinse off the mask and the next day before applying the make up. It provides your skin with essential nutrients to give you a healthy glow.

How to keep your skin fresh the whole day?

Face spray is essential to freshen up your face. Also, drink lots of water to help keep your skin clear and stay hydrated.

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