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The Top Scottish Tartan Of 2018

Tartan In Fashion

Tartan has been a large part of fashion for centuries. Obviously such patterns are associated with Scottish heritage and kilt wearing, but today they form a large part of many fashion collections. This year is no different, with many Scottish tartans featuring strongly in stores this year. One of the top qualities of tartan is that it can be easily adapted and look great in almost any guise, although shirts and men’s knitwear tend to be the place it is most common in contemporary fashions.

The biggest Scottish tartan patterns for 2018 predominantly revolve around red and blue designs, with most patterns incorporating both of these colours in some respect. In Scotland in particular, where there is growing weight behind calls for independence from the United Kingdom, tartan remains a symbol of extreme national pride and is worn as a patriotic symbol by many people across the country, and indeed throughout the rest of the United Kingdom and the entire world.

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Tartan For Everyone

The biggest feature of tartan really is that it has moved from being a Scottish clan associated garment to become such a mainstream area of fashion and the men’s knitwear market. Tartan is now a pattern and style enjoyed by many, whether they are from Scotland or not, and can be worn in many guises in order to create a stunning look.

Men’s knitwear is particularly popular for a tartan pattern, and there is something undeniably charming about the intricacy involved in putting together such patterns in a knitted garment. Knitwear is always a key part of fashion, and as patterns become more popular as opposed to traditional, block colour knits, tartan is one of the aspects leading the way in this particular market.

Shirts Up

Shirts are another massive market which incorporates Scottish tartan into a lot of its designs. Whether it is a relaxed look to wear at the beach, or something more fitted to put together with jeans and a smart pair of plimsolls, Scottish tartan can play a key part in any shirted look. Perhaps the only place it is not a big player is in the formal shirt arena – imagine the nightmare finding a suit and tie to match up accordingly!

Whether it is a shirt, traditional men’s knitwear, or even socks and accessories, Scottish tartans are a massive part of current fashion trends and will continue to be so as they evolve and original designs and patterns are produced.

Stylepilot is an online personal stylist designed specifically for men. Scottish tartan is a predominant part in mens knitwear and the styles of 2018 have thrown up some new designs which still maintain the iconic look.


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