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Top 5 Fashion Trends for Men This Winter

This article lists the top five men’s fashion trends for winter 2012, and ideas for building an outfit around them.

On Trend

The rush to be on trend throughout the winter months is already well underway. Many of the fashion trends that are going to be popular for the next few months and beyond are obvious, with others less so. If you are a little late to the party or are looking to firm up on your knowledge of the top 2012 year-end trends, then you have come to the right place.

What are the top five trends for men this winter?

Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets

One of the great things about men’s style this winter is that many of the top trends are things that haven’t been around for a while, or divide opinion strongly whenever they are in fashion. The leather jacket fits right in in that respect, then, with most people either loving them or hating them.

Such is the difficulty of looking great in leather that many people choose to avoid it altogether rather than running the risk of looking like an unstylish buffoon. The general rule of thumb is black bomber style jackets for younger guys, with browns and more relaxed fits for older men.

Military Clothing

Another funny feature in the men’s style world, military clothing can go from the height of fashion one minute to being something that only imbeciles wear the next. This season is set to be the start of a huge clamour for the style over the next 12 months, when military and cargo styles are set to dominate men’s wardrobes.

Try and avoid the norm this year, and go for a camouflage print blazer or chinos rather than the usual cargo pants and oversized raincoat.

Military Clothing


When it comes to footwear, boots are getting bigger all the time, and this year is no exception. Go for soft leather boots for formal wear, and a suede or canvas desert boot for more casual attire. Ensure that you also buy the relevant care products given the unpredictable nature of the winter weather!

boots for men

Flamboyant Patterns

Floral and paisleys have been huge throughout the summer, and there is no respite this trend as we enter the winter months. Whether it is a casual shirt or a formal tie, floral and paisley patterns should always find a way into your wardrobe to keep you looking on trend at all times.

Patterned Knits

If you are still in the habit of wearing plain, chunky old jumpers, then you are so far behind the times it is almost unreal. Chunky knits are fine, just make sure they have a tribal or some other pattern knitted into them in order to give a lift to your style at all times.

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