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The 4 Most Unique Websites and Blogs for the Avid Fashionista

The secret to beautiful and unique style is to take ideas that are already out in the world and modify, combine, and innovate until the fashion you create can be called your own.  These next few websites are filled with great ideas and eccentric personalities that will inspire your closet.  They are all great resources for the fashionista waiting to burst out.  There are some amazing women along with some great deals to be found here so be sure to click away.

The man-repeller is a truly unique blog that every girl should read for their own confidence.  It shows girls and women of all ages that they can wear whatever the hell they want and still look amazing.  This blog oozes confidence and it shows the opposite sex just exactly what they are missing when they stereotype and close their minds to change.  This page is alive with comments and discussions that shine very brightly for the most part.  If fashion is your passion, be sure to check out the man-repeller for a refreshing change in perspective.


Park and cube will take you around the world for some eye-opening fashion that will stick with you for months to come.  This slick blog is very well organized.  The blog is updated often and is filled with beautiful, high resolution pictures of gorgeous outfits, unique shoes, and even some interior design ideas that will absolutely floor any fashion enthusiast. This website is actually even more than just fashion.  It sells you a lifestyle of finding the simple thrills in unexpected places. Just try not to like this site; I dare you.

For the practical fashionista who tends to dress the friends and family in her life, Stylin Online is the place to find gifts, quirky attire, and great deals.  This may not be the site to visit for high fashion and sheik living, but it’s a wonderful place for the movie buff within everyone.  These custom clothes will impress anyone who watches The Big Bang Theory.  A fashionista can only be that when she appreciates all styles and sub-cultures.  Embrace the nerd within and find charm and some great deals here.

Street peeper is an impressive collection of beautiful shots full of vibrant color and fabulous fashion on the streets all around the world.  Right when the site loads, there are photos of the most fashionable streets on the face of the planet.  Finding unique fashion on the streets of New York, London, and Paris, may not be difficult, but having it all readily available right at the fingertips will definitely improve your own personal collection.

These places will enlighten and inspire anyone looking to expand their fashion horizons.  Enjoy these blogs and websites slowly and let them sink into your brain.  Soak in the photos and words and feel better.  The fashionista within will create a whole new wardrobe that’s unique to just you.

Stephanie Moore writes about fashion and beauty. An accent tie is a wonderful Christmas gift for boyfriend if he happens to be a Fashionista.


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