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Akshita Gandhi Received Best Global Artist of the Year Award in Dubai

Akshita Gandhi

“Akshita Gandhi often supplements an idea with a quote or lyric, and it feels like flipping temporarily to a different page in her book. These stories, songs, and symbols form a rich visual and narrative vocabulary that has guided her artistic development from a young age. The complexity of her ideas resonates strongly in her work, which pulls from her many pages and presents itself cohesively on canvas” says Chloe Hyman, an art journalist.

Akshita Gandhi artwork aims to capture the fickle nature of fantasies, reveries we often deem as reality or hard-hitting realities we so often shun as a nightmare. Her art is also meant to depict life in abundance, adding color and vibrancy to the interesting stories she conveys. By coloring over the existing environment, the viewer is transported to another realm, separate from the viewer’s existing state. Every artwork has a story and Akshita writes poems that describe her artwork.

Akshita Gandhi

Born in Mumbai, Akshita completed her IB from the American School of Bombay. She then graduated from the American University in Dubai with a BBA in Finance. She went onto receiving her MA from the Lotus Institute in Dubai within Fine Arts. Her first private art exhibition took place in Mumbai, India (2003). She displayed a varied range of landscapes done in oil on canvas and the proceeds were donated to an Old Age home (in Karjat). She has evolved as an artist since and now takes photographs, prints them on canvas’, glass and other forms and works over them with different media using her unique style. Her work has been featured at International fairs such as:

* World Art Dubai, April 2015, Dubai.
* World Art Dubai, April 2016, Dubai.
* The Index Exhibition, May 2016, Dubai.
* The Executive Women Magazine Fair, “Mind of a Winner,” November 2016, Dubai.
* The International Boat Show, March 2017, Dubai.
* World Art Dubai, April 2018, Dubai.
* The Global Art Awards, November 2018, Dubai.
* The Grand Prix, Formula One, November 2018, Abu Dhabi.
* Scope Art Fair, Art Basel Miami, December 2018, Miami.
* Asia Contemporary Art Show, March 2019, Hong Kong.
* The Onishi Project Gallery – Group Show, June 2019, New York, USA.
* Market Art + Design, Bridgehampton Museum, July 2019, USA.
* “Let there be light” showcase, Foley Gallery, New York Fashion Week, Fall 2019.
* Unity in Variety X, Shapero Modern Gallery, Mayfair London, 2019.
* “La Vie Magique-Halloween,” Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, October – November 2019. New York, USA.
* Pulse Art Fair, Art Basel Miami, December 2019. Miami, USA.

She was named among the top five finalists for the “Best Global Artist of the Year” award at the prestigious Global Art Awards held in Dubai in the mixed media category. Her artwork, Painfully Concealed Silence, was one of 20 displayed at the exhibition and was chosen from over 2000 works of art received by the fair. This important event on Dubai’s art calendar was held at the elegant Palm Jumeirah Hotel, an event attended by internationally acclaimed artists, critics, and media with the royal family as Guests of Honour. Artist Akshita work was exhibited as part of the 20 artworks selected from several hundred submissions from around the world.


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