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Preparing for the summer season

Did last summer catch you unprepared? Did you have to run to get a new bikini at the last moment because you relied on your old one which happened not to be by your taste this season? Or maybe you realized your wardrobe is totally useless (surprise!) and when the first hot days hit you it can be frustrating not having what to wear. Well, surprises are great but not when they happen in this kind of situation. Don’t let summer catch you off guard this year and prepare yourself in advance by following these great pieces of advice.


Colors. First step to preparing yourself for exciting summer is the choice of colors. That pretty summer dress is no use if it’s black or grey. Let’s leave darker tones to rest until next autumn and winter, and bring in more cheerful guys to the party. Among other great things that summer brings, ripe, fresh, juicy fruit is certainly one of them. You don’t have to look further from this to find the right colors to wear. Orange, lime, watermelon are the tones to seek out in your pre-summer shopping tour. Keep it cheery and bright. For calmer tones try sky blue, pink or coral. It goes without saying that white is a summer essential. You can always pull that white dress out on less imaginative days, not having to worry about looking great. White creates great contrast against tanned skin and it doesn’t attract sun rays as black does which is one more reason to avoid dark colors.

Type of clothes. Now that you’ve learned what colors to place in your wardrobe, let’s take a look at the materials and types of clothes to wear on hot days. As for materials, you should try to pick natural ones because they feel good on your skin when it’s hot outside. Synthetic materials can irritate the skin and make you sweat more. So, try cotton instead. It will help you stay cool in hot weather and feels pleasant on the skin because it’s a very breathable fabric allowing air to flow freely through it. In addition, linen, also a natural one, is one of the best summer fabrics because it’s so very lightweight and thin and you barely feel it when you’re wearing it which is exactly what you need when it’s scorching outside.

As much as you love wearing tight-fitting clothes, it may not be the best choice for summer. In addition to choosing right materials, you should also choose comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and you won’t sweat as much, because that kind of clothes allows the body to ‘breathe’.

Sun protection. Summer is the season of beaches and swimming pools, which means you’re going to be exposed to the sun in great deal. Too much sun isn’t good for your skin and that’s why you should be prepared by getting the best sunscreen for you. Wear sunscreen on all exposed areas of your body. For the body wear at least SPF 30, and if you have sensitive skin maybe you should consider wearing total sunblock on the face. When choosing a sunscreen look for the one that is waterproof. Put it on several times a day and you should be good to go. Moreover, keep your skin moisturized because hot sunny days will dry it out.

Clothing items to prepare. The first and maybe the most important item for summer is certainly a swimsuit. It’s easy to find affordable and good quality swimwear online. Choose trendy designs and good quality materials. Retro style swimsuits are back in fashion so if you have a thing for retro there’s your solution right there. Jumpsuits are also back in fashion and can bring diversity to your closet. Sleeveless tops, shorts, maxi skirts, palazzo pants are only some of the ideas. Don’t wear closed shoes too much but opt for sandals, flip flops and espadrilles which are a huge hit in fashion world.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to make you feel more confident about the next summer season. Now you know what to do to make this summer one of the best in your life. Whatever you decide to do, just stay relaxed, because that is one of the most important characteristics of summer spirit.


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