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The Best Festive Party Make-Up Tips You’ll Ever Need

Party Make-Up Tips

It’s official, the countdown to Christmas is upon us, the party invites will soon start flooding in and we haven’t even thought about what we’re going to wear yet.

Well never fear, there is still plenty of time, and to help you out we decided to pull together some of the best Christmas Party make-up tips we could find and share them with you. That way you won’t have to think too much about beautifying yourself while you are out shopping for that perfect party outfit. Enjoy!

Go bold with your eyes

As you can see with these amazing suggestions from Marie Claire, making your eyes the showpiece of your festive look is a big thing. You’ll certainly be no shrinking violet with these bold ideas! Whether you go for big thick cats eye outlines or full gilded lids, the aim is to focus attention on your eyes in low light levels. And when you are dancing around under fairy lights and faux candles, the way they all shine off your eyes will be sure to light up your whole face.

Glitter up those lips

Come on, it’s party season – and as this article suggests, nothing says Christmas quite like glitter! If the tinsel on the tree can sparkle in the yuletide lights, so can your lips. If you don’t have any tinsely lip gloss especially for the occasion, you can use ordinary make up glitter applied on top of your lipstick and sealed with a clear gloss. Just try not to get too mischievous covering everyone you kiss in a big glittery pout. Mwah!

Double down on the foundation

You know what those Christmas parties are like – once they going, they never seem to stop. If you’re planning on letting your hair down to full effect and celebrating with an extended stint on the dancefloor, you will want to do your best to still look like a Christmas cutie come the end of the night.

Stack the odds in your favour by going a little heavier with your foundation than usual. If you’re worried about overdoing it, remember – it will be mostly dark, and there will probably be a fair amount of Christmas spirits doing the round to make perceptions that little bit fuzzy.

Give your brows some love

With all the focus on bold eyes and festive glittery lips, it is easy to forget about your eyebrows. But as this from Become Gorgeous points out, professional make-up artists will never skip the brows – and you shouldn’t too. The pros know that eyebrows add balance to your look and when shaped with a little artistry can have a quite remarkable yet understated effect. As much as anything else, well-groomed eyebrows add some sophistication to your style.

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