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Top 3 Halloween Costumes For Couples for 2012

Are you going for the Halloween party tonight with your partner? Is it a theme party or can you dress up as any character you like? Well, if you are going to the party, whatever the theme is, you must talk to your date and wear a couple’s costume for Halloween, if you want to look good and stand out in the crowd. Given below are the popular top three Couple Costumes for 2012:

Couple Costumes

1. Fred And Daphne – This great couple from one of the best cartoon series, Scooby Doo is extremely popular.

Daphne’s Costume – Daphne is the lovely fashionable girl and a part of the Mystery Machine team. To dress up as Daphne, you will need a short violet dress with pink tights, green scarf, purple shoes or boots, orange wing with a purple ribbon and make up.

Fred’s Costume – To create Fred’s costume, you will need a white shirt with blue collar and topped with white sweater, blue trousers, blonde wig and orange scarf. The costume is easy to get and easy to wear too.

2. Jake Sully and Neytiri – Does this sound familiar? Yes, you are right. This is from the famous movie Avatar.

Jake Sully Costume – This is one of the hottest Halloween costumes for couples. You can make this at home using a Jake Sully mask, pointed ears, a short-sleeved black shirt, button down dress shirt in tan with similar dress pants, work boots, tail and pain in blue and black.

Neytiri Costume – This costume worn by the brave Neytiri has a blue jumpsuit, a tail, the loincloth and a gauntlet. Don’t forget the blue and black paint for your face. You will also need shoes that match the costume.

3. Popeye And Olive Oyl – Every child and many adults still love these cartoon characters for their ability to bring a smile to their faces. Every male would like to like the strong spinach eating Popeye who loves Olive Oyl to distraction.

Popeye Costume – Dress up in a sailor suit consisting of a white shirt, red collar, blue trousers, white sailor hat, yellow belt, black shoes and smoking pipe. You will also need padded arms to complete the strong look since you cannot eat spinach and develop the muscles in just one day.

Olive Oyl Costume – This cute love interest of Popeye should be dressed in red full-sleeved top and a black skirt with black shoes. Alternatively, you can also get a red and black stretch dress. Tie up your hair like Olive Oyl and you will be just like her.

Having fun on Halloween is not just for kids. It is just as much fun for adults too. Enjoy the night and have fu

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