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Retro Makeup Making a Comeback

There are hundreds of things to do when planning a one-in-a-million, dream wedding.  Choosing the location, caterer, flowers, dress, shoes, bridesmaids’ attire, and hairstyle – everything has to be picture perfect for the big day.  With all the decisions that need to be made, many brides often overlook the most important element for looking stunning on the big day… the makeup! And the hottest makeup look for today’s modern bride is “The Retro”: It’s Rita Hayworth meets Dita Von Tesse. Wedding makeup Melbourne experts offer the following tips to help brides walk down the aisle with a look that blends modern and classic to create the timeless style of yesterday for the perfect and glamorous  “look of love” now.

Wedding Makeup 

It’s all About the Eye…the Lips…the Eyebrows

The retro look takes a page from the 1940s: Eye shadow is subtle and neutral with brown or black eyeliner, depending on your skin tone, and lots and lots of mascara!  Top off the look with full, luscious red lips and you are ready for your “close up”.

 Here’s what the professionals for Wedding makeup in Melbourne say:

  • Apply a creamy, pale foundation and cover with a soft, light and matte powder for a soft, peaches and cream effect.
  • Eyeshadow should be understated and subtle.  Use neutral, nude tones to give light definition and contouring.
  • Use a medium brown eyeshadow to define eyebrows.  Square off the inside of the brow for structure and extend the end of the brow about an inch above the eye level.
  • Create a cat-eye effect with either brown or black eyeliner.  Tip: Create the flick using the lower lash line as a guide.  Extend the flick out about ¼ – ½ inch from the end of the eye.
  • Apply lots and lots of mascara, concentrating the product on the outer lashes.
  • After the mascara is dry, apply five or 6 individual false eyelashes focusing on building the volume on the end of the eye.
  • Line the lips with a red lip liner making sure to define the point on the Cupid’s Bow.  Fill in the lips with the liner and then apply red lipstick with a lip brush.
  • End the application by dotting a “beauty spot” using dark brown eyeshadow on the outside lover part of the chin below the lips for authenticity and whimsy. Voila!

Fashion experts, such as Wedding Makeup Melbourne artists, tell us that the classic elegance of retro makeup is coming back into vogue, but I assert that it never really went away.  Classic looks have a way of standing the test of time for a very good reason: they are beautiful and flattering on any woman no matter what decade you live in.  After all, beauty, love and “happily ever after” have no expiration date.

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