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Is Mitchell Royel staging a run for public office?

Mitchell Royel

Although it’s unclear on which public office Mitchell Royel could potentially run for, one thing is certain, Royel has become more outspoken on political issues.

Check out Royel’s official statement on the biggest problem the black community is facing and how to tackle the issue head on:

“In today’s complicated political landscape, there are numerous factors and threats that increase American society’s already present divide.

However, due to the media’s nature of muting narratives from mainstream culture, the United States’ political landscape is often seen as the reason behind the tensions.

Yet, the reality is that when a black man dies at the hands of law enforcement, outrage usually follows on the streets. It is immediately seen as a symbol of racism. Nevertheless, the reality is that black on black crime is statistically the biggest threat to my community in the United States.

The mainstream media’s central narrative is that black on black crime is simply a conservative phrase used to distract the popular opinion from police brutality.

Instead of focusing on statistics that show most black people in America are killed by other blacks, our culture chooses to hyper focus on anomalies.

There is a lack of acknowledgment within my community about BOB crime.

Furthermore, issues such as systemic racism and the prospect of police brutality will not resolve the ongoing damage that my community suffers from within.


Another important aspect is the moral responsibility of the black community in regards to BOB crime. Let me be clear: the Black community should not be held responsible for external conditions or factors that create the breeding ground for criminal activity. HOWEVER, the black community has the moral and historical responsibility to do what’s possible to tackle the problem’s core from within.

Change CAN happen from within and NOT by villainizing whites in the USA for problems that have plagued the black community in America for centuries.


The first step for solving a problem is recognizing and accepting the fact that there is a problem. That’s why my people should focus on strategies on how to tackle our most significant threats. Namaste.”

Whether or not Royel runs for public office, one thing that we know for certain is that Royel’s fans have been extremely supportive of his transformative political commentary.

Learn more about Royel at mitchellroyel.com.


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