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Mitchell Royèl Defends Ex-Best Friend Duncan Brandel Amid Feud

Mitchell Royèl Defends

It’s common for fans of celebrities and internet influencers to fiercely protect and defend artists they adore from perceived enemies and threats on social media. If you don’t remember Duncan Brandel, he gained notoriety as the face of Mitchell Royèl’s clothing line, Mitch Lèyor before the brand went out of business.

Before the infamous feud between the barista and internet influencer erupted, Brandel was a key player in Mitchell Royèl’s entourage.

Nicholas Matthews, a representative for Mitchell Royèl confirmed that on 3/17/19, Brandel reached out to Royèl via Instagram and voiced concerns about fans of Royèl cyberbullying him through comments on the social media platform.

Mitchell Royèl (born Mitchell Carlisle Abbott) responded to the alleged controversy publicly, less than an hour later with the following statement:

 “I believe people come into our lives for a season, a reason, or a lifetime. Although the fallout between [Duncan] @pancakepirate and I is very permanent, I want to remind my Kingdom of supporters to lead with kindness, compassion and love, especially when commenting on photos of those that were once affiliated with my brand. Please and thank you. #mitchleyorcollection #elixirbyroyel #revengeissue”

Safe to say that although the two will never make amends, revenge isn’t an option for either one of them.

Elixir by Royèl returns on 03/23/19 at elixirbyroyel.com.


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