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Futuristic Fashion: Style takes to the Stars

It seems that the upcoming fashion season will truly be out of this world – after all the nostalgic retro chic we’ve seen this past season, top designers seem to have stopped looking to the past for inspiration and fixed their eyes firmly on the future, bringing us cutting-edge futuristic fashion items that will send your wardrobe rocketing into space-age style at a meteoric rate!

Cardin’s Cosmic Creations

Long-time fashion icon Pierre Cardin recently wowed audiences in Paris with a futuristic fashion show. The catwalk saw a stream of space-age designs for men and women, including glittering gold and silver ensembles, velvet and sequined catsuits, neoprene jackets, futuristic eye visors and a parade of gorgeous, brightly coloured tube dresses filled with angular hoops. Cardin – who turned 90 the day after his futuristic fashion exhibition – has had a stellar career over the decades, starting as one of Paris’ youngest couture designers and still going strong now that he is among the oldest.

Chanel Seeing Stars

There were a number of sleek, sci-fi inspired creations from Chanel on the catwalk of the 2012 Fall/ Winter Paris Fashion Week; the brand boasted plenty of elegant ensembles with a slightly quirky futuristic edge. Models in deep black or vivid, reflective metallic tones paraded among giant, angular crystals on the runway, treating audiences to an otherworldly, futuristic fashion experience.

Richard Weston’s Wearable Nature

Richard Weston is an academic, an architect and now it seems, an icon of futuristic fashion trends. Weston started off taking the most beautiful quality images of magnified minerals and crystals, and has had these incredible images printed onto designer scarves – each of which is not only fashionably futuristic, but completely unique. Images used in this futuristic fashion selection include magnified images of abalone shell, precious agate and even meteorite. The images are taken from nature to create something extraordinary and otherworldly. The Weston collection continues to grow and inspire futuristic accessories and journals.

A Skyrocketing Trend

There have been numerous other designers’ Fall/ Winter collections that seem to have taken their inspiration from futuristic trends; these fashion pioneers include Donna Karan, David Koma and MaxMara to name but a few.

Not a trend to be confined to the catwalk, futuristic fashion is now making its way out onto the streets; popstar Rita Ora was recently snapped on a shopping spree sporting a lacy little black dress paired with some beautifully futuristic space-age boots. The silvery platform heels reflected a rainbow of radiant colours, and featured black laces as well as Velcro straps. Rita looked ready to step out into the Milky Way in this fabulous futuristic footwear.

This futuristic fashion trend is sure to see its fair share of shooting stars in the months to come!

futuristic fashion

Nicky Warner is an avid writer who loves to blog about all subjects related to design and fashion. She’s fascinated by this latest futuristic craze and while she still loves classic linen shirts, she’s planning to add some space-age metallics to her wardrobe soon!


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