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Summer Shoe Trends

Summer is an exciting season for fashion. It is when women pull out their pretty sundresses, delicate tank tops and cutoff shorts. It poses some challenges though. Shoes that are intended for cold weather look clunky in bright sunlight. They feel hot and heavy in humid weather. Sandals are comfortable and convenient, but very often they look sloppy and completely negate all of the effort that has gone into piecing together an otherwise stylish outfit. Fortunately, the season’s hottest shoe trends help keep streamlined summer outfits chic.

Bright Colours

Neon pumps are one of this summer’s most popular, yet debatable, new trends. They give an ensemble some focus and direction without requiring the wearer to don additional garments or accessories. Pumps are a great compromise between form and function when heat is also a factor. They have sleek silhouettes and minimal construction, and they leave a lot of skin exposed. The stylishness comes from the bright colour, not the fact of the shoes being pumps.

summer shoe trends 2012

Pumps are so commonplace that the wearer can go a little overboard when choosing a colour; there is nothing else to overwhelm the outfit. That said, deliberately mismatching neon pumps with an already bright outfit would be a fashion foul. Bright shoes can only be worn with an outfit that is very muted on its own. Entirely black outfits are ideal. One well-placed pop of colour is tasteful. Indiscriminately pairing bright colours that are trendy on their own does not make an outfit doubly fashionable. It identifies the wearer as a fashion victim.

Transparent Panels

Another hot shoe trend goes in the opposite direction. Shoes with clear sections are rapidly flying off of store shelves. They look light and airy, making them a good thematic match for warm weather. These shoes can be worn with colourful casual outfits and formal dresses alike. In fact, heels with clear panels are perfect for summer weddings. Instead of pairing boring, heavy-looking black pumps with sweet summer dresses, fashionable ladies have begun wearing this edgier style. The clear straps and heels guarantee that the shoes will always match any dress. They lighten up the ensemble in much the same manner that white shoes would with the added benefit of being youthful and on trend. Women who are interested in exploring this trend must be very discerning. Shoes with large clear platforms are sometimes worn by women in certain unappealing professions. The right pair of transparent shoes will be sleek enough to not elicit such comparisons.

Striped Shoes

Stripes are summer style mainstays. This summer, classic nautical stripes are appearing on shoes. Unlike neon colors, stripes can be worn on multiple pieces of one ensemble as long as they are of uniform colour and width. For example, shoes with blue stripes will look best when worn with an shirt or hat that also has blue stripes on it.

Gifted designers are able to use stripes without always evoking sailors. Creatively placed stripes break up the swath of black fabric that would otherwise make shoes like these look inappropriate for summer. Short ankle boots are versatile shoes for all seasons.  They provide the structure that is necessary in colder weather without awkwardly covering up too much skin in the summer. A pair of shoes with neon stripes on then covers more than one trend in a fun way. Shoes like this are a bit of a risk though, since they may not remain fashionable for very long. Kitchy second-hand deployment of multiple trends is fun but always more short-lived than the trends being imitated.


Wedges are still the go-to shoes for women who want to look classy and elegant during the summer. The taupe material used to make the bottom portions of wedges is sandy without being overtly beachy. Floral wedges are gaining popularity as designers continue to explore new ways of manufacturing these shoes. Wedges with distinctive patterns and details should be purchased cautiously. They are suitable as one-time wears for major events like graduation parties, but they fall flat as everyday shoes. A pair of wedges in solid neutral colours can be worn every day for this summer and the ones to follow.

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