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Five Fashion Trends that Rocked in 2012 and are Likely to Dominate 2013

Fashion is something that keeps changing and there are classic and funky trends to follow. Some trends become such an important part of your life that you can’t live without them. The year 2013 is breaking all the rules for typical fashion trends;new things are coming across runways with the empowerment of women. The bags are becoming brighter, floral prints are getting hotter and usual things like gorgeous shoes, embellishments, leather, and rings are better and more creative. This list highlights the trendy options of 2012 and the possibilities for you to look magnificent.

Fashion Trends

Floral Design

During the winter and fall fashion runways, designers displayed floral prints, with edgier patterns and darker colors. Mixing floral patterns is also a latest trend that gives sophisticated look over the embroidery clothing. Be it black or colorful floral prints, it makes an extra girly, adding the right amount of sophistication. Teamed with perfect shoes, it goes well for everyday use. Whether you’re simply putting together a bouquet or standing for photography, the floral designs can give you a prize-winning style.

Hoop Lip Rings

The hot lip ring collection is a bold statement; when you wear a hoop lip piercing or lip hoop, you want others to see it. A distinctive hoop ring is made from titanium or surgical steel and is used in many other types of piercings apart from lip rings. A captive ring is easy to put in and when it is made from colorful titanium, hoop lip rings say a lot. It adds a touch of flair depending on the style, ball, and bead.

Leather Accessories

Leather accessories had been the ultimate hot trend of 2012 and they would continue their dominance even in 2013. Black is the most liked color of the fall and the possibilities are truly never ending: leather coats, pants, skirts for night out, making the overall look a bit edgier. It also suits the workplace.

The faux leather appeared on most runways and it shows off the vibe of a gothic style and will the hot trend even in this fall. Try out a perfect combo of leather suits and shoes, to keep you warm and dry. Leather is an attention grabber and gives you a gorgeous look.

Trendy Bags

Be it in any season, bags are the more practical options; for 2012, its trend was huge. Many brands have designed bags in very vibrant colors, like violet, tangerine, and neon. Continuing to introduce you to the key trends of 2013 season, clutches and handbags will give you great revenues for famous brands. Classic styles that will return back in 2013 are medium and large-sized, roomy, comfortable, and durable bags. Rectangular shaped handbags make good complement on everyday wear.

Metallic Apparels

The year 2012 saw many designers dipping into silver and gold, adding rich textures to classic designs, such as A-line dresses, tailored trousers, and pencil skirts. The metallic apparels are in high demand as they add to elegance, richness, and timeless looks.

On the Whole

You need to be creative in whatever you select to wear, be it dresses, jeans, or skirts. Wear statement accessory to bring that charm to your wardrobe. Apart from all, the most important thing to consider is how you should carry yourself with those fashion apparels, and accessories. These are just the few things which you could use to update yourself and stay fashionable with the changing fashion trends. If you don’t know what’s in demand, then you’d most likely be called obsolete, and your friends may not even enjoy your company.

So, follow the latest fashion trivia, and stay on top of everyone this season!

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Guest post written by Clarissa, a contributing writer and editor for many online websites and blogs featuring today’s latest fashion style trends.

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