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Winter Accessories You Can’t Go Without

Winter Accessories You Can't Go Without

With winter at its peak, the temperatures are lower than ever and the need to stay warm when going outside is more than crucial. Unless you would like to be turned into an icicle, cuddle up as much as possible. However, it should be all done while keeping in mind the fact that you will want to look stylish, too. So, in order to mix these two factors, using some beautiful and trendy accessories is a must.

A winter cape
Even though it sounds a little bit as an item of clothing taken from Medieval times, the cape will keep you both warm and good looking. However, it needs to be noted that it is an exclusively ladies’ attire. What’s good about the cape is that it can be formal, as well as informal. It depends on the color and the rest of the clothes. For example, a plain black cape is the perfect touch you need for a cold winter’s night out to a fancy restaurant. Types of capes vary from woolen blend to faux-fur trim.

Oversized blanket scarf
These are similar to the cape, but somehow more negligent, as you wouldn’t ‘take’ one to the restaurant, for example. However, these scarves are ideal for the purpose of layering. They are a lot longer than regular scarves, which allows them to be worn in different manners. Wrap it either around your neck, like you would do with a normal shawl, or wrap it around your whole body. Or just drape it on your shoulders, and create a loose flowing cardigan look.

Knitted Head Warmer
An ideal alternative to the knit beanie hats, these head warmers are a perfect winter accessory for your forehead and ears. In a sense, it is way better than a hat, as the latter squashes your hair and can easily ruin your hairstyle. Knitted Head Warmer come in different styles, colors and are basically relatively easy to make, as long as you have basic knitting skills.

Similar to the head warmers, the earmuffs are equally practical and warm. They are not only for children, as they could be really stylish. And are pretty affordable, since they are mostly made of faux fur. Bear in mind that they could look really chic when combined with a peacoat in purple or red.

The misconception that glasses are a strictly summer accessory is long in the past. Winter sunbeams  can be as strong as the summer ones, plus, the snow tends to glisten when there is sun shining, and that could really dazzle you. A pair of nice glasses with special winter lenses are a great accessory for the cold season.

The Snood
This is one of the smartest ‘inventions’ in this list. What makes it so outstanding is that it can be used both as a scarf and as a type of a hat. In other words – it is so broad that it protects your neck, top of head and face. What more can you want when you are out in the cold?

Leather Gloves
Where would you be without a pair of stylish gloves to keep your hands warm? These are a pure classic and will forever stand the test of time. Leather gloves are also multi-purpose, as they could be worn both during the day and in the evening with a more formal attire. And if you invest in a pair that is a little bit more expensive, they are bound to last for years to come.
Convertible Mittens
Now, these are not as classy, but definitely as warm as the leather ones. What makes them really practical, though, is the fabric flap which can reveal your fingers whenever you need to use them for counting your money, using your touch screen device, etc.

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