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Fantasy and Fun with Whimsical Fancy Dress Costumes

Costumes and accessories for special occasions, parties, play, and fun are the perfect way to dress up. Fancy dress wings from Elliotts make the ideal addition to a variety of costumes. Ladies of all ages can don a pair of wings for that whimsical extra touch, whether it be for a special event, or simply around the house on an ordinary day.

Holidays are not the only time that fancy dress costumes and masks are needed. Parties and themed events can be held at any time of the year, for any number of reasons. Choosing a fun and fanciful look is easy because there are hundreds of options to select from.

Children love to indulge in games of make believe and pretend play. Costumes allow them to get into character and help spark their imaginations. From princess frocks to animals, there are hundreds of outfits to select from. Seasonal costumes are perfect for holidays like Christmas and Halloween. When browsing in small shops, the selection is quite limited. A variety of options can be found at larger retailers, including fancy dress wings from Elliotts.

fancy dress costumes

Halloween is one of the most exciting and fun times of the year for both children and adults. It offers the perfect excuse to get dressed up and embrace playing a character. Adults typically need fancy dress costumes for Halloween parties or to wear out to the pub, while children need costumes to get treats.

Once a costume has been selected, there are many accessories and small touches that can be added to complete the look. This includes masks, wigs, gloves, makeup, eye masks, and much more. Fairy princesses need magic wands, while vampires need a long cape. The possibilities are simply endless.

Costumes are made from a variety of different materials. They may incorporate feathers, intricate beading, and other interesting elements that add whimsy and charm.  Hats and similar accessories can be made of felt, plastic, and polyester. High quality items can be washed by hand or laundered and stored away carefully so that they may be worn many times.

Whatever the occasion, holiday, or event may be, there is a fancy dress costume to fit the theme. Fancy dress wings from Elliotts will be the perfect addition to any angel, fairy, or butterfly outfit. Men, women, and children can find exactly what they are looking for to complete their look and become any character that they desire.

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